Top 7 European Startups to Follow in 2020

An old proverb, Necessity is the Mother of Invention should now be renamed as “Necessity is the Mother of Every New Start-up.” With the global marketplaces booming day-by-day, the COVID-19 pandemic has bought the world together. An innovative idea when gets a perfect marketing strategy results in a popular startup concept. Even if marketing has become an important aspect of startups, hard-work, technology efficiency, and client servicing are also important factors to make a startup successful.

We have listed some innovative and path-breaking startups in Europe that one should follow to get insights into the startup world.


Founded in 2016, Meero is a disruptive startup in the world of photography and photography marketplace. Right from searching for jobs to billing systems in the post-editing process, Meero is providing an end-to-end platform for photographers. Meero is based out of Paris (France), currently being led by CEO Thomas Renaud. It has been said to have received the funding of $230 million in Investment Rounds in June 2019. Currently, it has around 1150 employee strength.


Mintos is one of the biggest European Peer-to-Peer lending platforms, which was started in the year 2015. In simple words, it is the global marketplace for people interested to invest in loans. They are taking the concept of individual investors to the next tech level. They have raised 2 Million Euros in 2016 and 6 Million Euros in 2018 seed round funding. Martins Suite is the current CEO of Mintos.


Qonto is the FinTech startup that simplifies banking for Small and Medium scaled Enterprises and Freelancers. Combining user design and technology, they are trying to provide personalized banking experience to entrepreneurs. Qonto is led by the dynamic duo Alexandre Prot and Steve Anavi, the co-founders of the organization. Headquartered in Paris, Qonto has around 250 employee strength as of January 2020. According to the latest news updates, the fintech startup has raised $115 million through different rounds of funding.


FoxIntelligence is based on the concept that data is the most powerful resource in the world. They are data service providers aiming to provide innovative and privacy- first data solutions. They have raised a total of $16.2 million in four rounds of seed funding. Currently, FoxIntelligence is led by Edouard Nattee (CEO) accompanying a team of 65 employees.

Crisp Chat

Crisp Chat is the simplified Customer and Direct messaging platform for Startups and SMBs. Crisp, founded in 2015, provides live chat, emails, and messaging campaigns. Baptiste Jamin is the Co-Founder and CEO of Crisp Chat. The company is situated in France and claims to have a customer base of 200000+ organizations. The company is 100% self-funded and works with the team strength of 15+ employees.


OakNorth provides a platform for SMEs that provide business and property loans. This FinTech startup is based in London and was founded by Rishi Khosla and Joel Perlman. Leading investment groups like Coltrane, Clermont Group, etc. have invested over $1 billion dollars. Having a presence in Four Countries, United Kingdom, United States, India, and Singapore, OakNorth Group handles the team strength of around 700 people.


Started in 2015, Glovo is an on-demand pick-up and delivery startup in Spain. Users can order anything off their desire, food from restaurants or groceries also. It has gained popularity in a very short duration of time in Spain. Oscar Pierre is the Co-founder and current CEO of Glovo. In recent Series E funding, Glovo has raised around $167 million. Glovo is the fastest-growing Pick-up and Courier platform in Europe.

These are some of the startups that created disruption in their respective industries. Whenever an idea is met with needs and with tech solutions, a startup is born. And whenever, a startup is met with the self-sustaining work model, a tech giant is made. We will be closely following these startups for the latest disruptions in the European startup world.

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