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Theresa Payton, CEO and Co-Founder, Fortalice
Theresa Payton
CEO & Co-Founder, Fortalice Solutions LLC; Former: CIO, Executive Office of the President

“As a person that has been in this industry for over 15 years, both from a professional and educational perspective, I find ciostory.com to be an excellent source for information. I enjoy stories from real-life industry people. Ciostory.com does an outstanding job in selecting what they publish. With all the various sources, companies, and topics, it allows readers to get a phenomenal mixture of insights!”

Lisa Milani, Leads North America Demand Generation, SAP
Lisa Milani
SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Global GTM, NA Demand Generation Lead

It was great working with CIO Story. They are very responsive and have a fast turnaround

Shawn Moore, President & CEO, Think Profits.com Inc
Shawn Moore
President & CEO, ThinkProfits.com Inc.