Simplify Customer Buying Decision Process using Channel Data Management

For companies that manufacture tangible products, the Internet of Things (IoT) is dramatically increasing the complexity of the distribution of those products through indirect sales channels – distributors, retailers, resellers, and integrators.

As customers turn more and more to Internet-enabled devices, these devices will become more and more user transparent. While they will require less attention and interaction, the number of these devices will grow annually by orders of magnitude. One recent estimate suggests that, by 2020, more than nine billion IoT devices will be operating in the global marketplace.

This phenomenal growth is placing a strain on companies’ ability to gather rich information from their channels.

The need to optimize revenues and profits demands timely and accurate information about partners, and how they influence the end customer buying decision.

Zyme adds more and more value as the number of devices grows, since the channel is where most of them will be activated. This flow of information is currently suppressed by a complex web of partners and subscription pricing models that require frequent renewals and upgrades. Zyme simplifies those processes and gives manufacturers deep, granular, near real time visibility into all that is happening in their extended channels.

Zyme Channel Data Management: Empowering the New Smart Channel

As the global leader in the emerging discipline of Channel Data Management (CDM) empowering “The New Smart Channel”, Zyme addresses manufacturers’ need for information on the sales, bookings, inventory, shipments, and events in their distribution channels.

Through actionable insights gleaned from this data, Zyme customers accelerate channel partner sales and optimize marketing program ROI. Industry leaders like Dell, D-Link, VMware, Fujitsu, Microsoft, Plantronics, Honeywell, Xerox, Symantec, SanDisk, GoPro, and Seagate rely on Zyme for annual channel revenue growth of 5% on average, 15% reduction in incentive overpayments, 98% reduction in data errors, and a 54% reduction in time to pay partners.

With 28 billion devices targeted to come online in the Internet of Things by 2020, the lion’s share of which will be sold through indirect channels, Zyme’s growth is expected to explode in the coming years.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with facilities in Texas, India, the UK, and China, Zyme was founded by Chandran Sankaran, who brought to the table prior experience as founder at Closed Loop Systems, (acquired by Lawson Software), plus executive positions at i2 and McKinsey.

According to Sankaran, “We saw an opportunity to do for the demand chain what ERP did for the supply chain – replace ad hoc, home-grown systems with a solution that would revolutionize the effectiveness and efficiency of channel sales”.

As the dominant player in a fast-developing space, Zyme is now processing over $175 Billion annually inchannel revenues for its customers. Scores of major manufacturers on six continents have migrated their home-grown CDM efforts to Zyme’s turnkey solution for end-to-end channel data management.

The Zyme solution supports partner data collection using a broad range of standards including EDI, XML, RosettaNet, flat files, EDIFACT and more, as well as a variety of transfer protocols. This flexibility minimizes any friction in the onboarding process – partners do not need to change their existing processes. Best practices developed through work with thousands of partners ensure companies achieve very high levels of partner data reporting compliance.

Once partners are onboarded, the CDM platform uses proprietary, high-fidelity algorithms for data cleansing, enrichment, and standardization. A worldwide channel directory of more than one million partners (the industry’s largest) provides the content required to improve partner and customer identification and transaction assignment. Analytics and applications for incentives management provide companies with critical, actionable insights they need to optimize their channel sales and partner incentives.

Key to the success of any cloud-based solution is that it is architected for cloud from the ground up. Zyme’s industry-leading SLA ensures high availability, while performance metrics such as page load times, and operational metrics such as file turnaround times, are tracked and continuously improved.

Scalability is handled through a multi-tenant architecture that enables new customers and partners to be added seamlessly, with no negative impact on existing customers. Finally, information security is an integral component of operations, where Zyme’s approach is defined as Defense in Depth; and business continuity and disaster recovery plans are state of the art.

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