Zeta Interactive: Driving Data-Driven Marketing at Scale

Zeta Interactive was founded in 2007 by David A. Steinberg and John Sculley to capitalize on emerging developments in Big Data and Analytics. Their view was that the rise in the generation of data, combined with the reduction of cost in storing data and the emergence of more sophisticated analytical tools, would fundamentally re-shape the marketing landscape. Eight years later, this prediction has come to pass and Zeta has emerged as a market leader in this high-growth sector. The Company’s staggering growth from its inception to 2015 along with its innovative People-based Marketing platform resulted in the Company’s inclusion in the top 50 in Forbes Most Promising Private Companies in America.

Some of the key products offered by Zeta Interactive include:

Zeta Hub bullet: A multichannel campaign management platform providing marketers with end-to-end solutions and services configured to the clients’ requirements to drive desired behaviours across the customer lifecycle.

ZX: A private marketplace of advertisers and publishers focused on creating addressable audiences of best prospects to drive new customer acquisition.

ALPS: A patented automated landing page system designed to tailor the user experience in real time based on audience and environmental characteristics.

Zeta invests heavily in People, Process and Platform to ensure that its offering is helping its clients win in the marketplace. Zeta’s client-centric model focuses the Company on addressing the challenges and capturing the opportunities clients face. This leads to stickier relationships and a establishes a deeper level of partnership Zeta’s strategic roadmap is based on continuing to drive organic growth through product innovation, vertical and market expansion and enhanced service offerings as well as strategic acquisitions that enhance and extend its existing platform.


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