CIS Secure Computing began operations almost 12 years ago by designing and selling innovative hardware products that supported the US Intelligence Community. This later expanded to accommodate a wider range of executive desktop and datacenter solutions. As of today, CIS’ portfolio includes products that meet a wide range of standards for security, environmental and operational requirements.

CIS Secure Computing designs secure communications infrastructure. CIS’ engineers work with traditional business IT products – phones, desktop and portable computers, networking equipment, video systems and printers – and re-engineer them to meet demanding requirements for security, portability, and environmental operation. Cyber Security has such a broad scope that it has led CIS’ customers to connect with them throughout their product development cycle.  Clients generally want a more collaborative approach to product development so that the solutions meet their specific mission objectives.  Most clients provide mission guidance, design criteria and deployment support goals – before the first prototype is built.  As cyber crime and risk have moved from external to internal threat, CIS has developed new technologies to defend against and prevent vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

CIS is also one of the few Trusted Integrators in the NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program which delivers innovative secure solutions using off-the-shelf technologies

CIS Secure Computing has aligned itself with the world’s leaders in system integration. These SI’s frequently oversee enormously critical and complex programs.  They range from executive-level secure communications, global network backbones and the design and delivery of weapons systems.  These are programs that support defense and aerospace, government-wide network connectivity, and advanced research. CIS’ close cooperation with these SI’s helps us to better understand customer requirements. That understanding accelerates our time-to-market and has driven recent significant growth. It’s not uncommon to see a customer’s program manager meet at CIS with the latter’s engineers to review needs and define product requirements.  CIS is also one of the few Trusted Integrators in the NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program which delivers innovative secure solutions using off-the-shelf technologies.

CIS Secure Computing builds secure phones, printers, portable and desktop VTC products, portable communications equipment, secure laptops/desktops/storage and networking infrastructure – as well as custom products that meet unique program requirements. CIS’ competitors lack the product breadth and depth that CIS brings to customers. That capability makes CIS a unique player in the global cyber solutions industry. Their sales and engineering teams view themselves as extensions of the customers’ teams, and the organization as a whole works hard at being a partner that’s easy to do business with. CIS has the size and scale to respond to critical requirements but without the organizational overhead that slows down responsiveness and adds to cost.

CIS Secure Computing is working on products that can be viewed as more proactive in nature rather than defensive. As cyber threats continue to evolve, their product portfolio will do the same. CIS’ customers often get back to them with an expanding set of ideas and requirements and CIS continuously works with them to make sure their needs are met.