WGSigma Helping Enterprises Capture Untapped Revenue Sources

From medicine to national security, today Big Data is transforming many facets of modern life. Big Data provides impressively easy paths to information that can radically change the way we live. Headquartered at CA with Wai Wong as President and Chief Executive Officer, WGSigma Systems, offers the unique Sigma Big Data Application Server.

WGSigma Systems provides software and services to enable your key enterprise applications to process “Big Data”. By providing a real time big data web services layer, they can be the integration linchpin between your current enterprise application and all of that structured and unstructured data with no or minor application changes.

WebAction offers real-time Data Driven Apps and the essential Real-time App Platform. Ali Kutay is the Chief Executive Officer of the firm. Web Action offers the Real-time App Platform and Real-time Data Driven Apps to their clients. The platform offers end-to-end streaming Big Data analytics for the agile enterprise, while the data driven apps contain the business logic for the sensing enterprise. There are Apps for Financial Services, Telecommunications, Consumer Analytics, Security Event Processing, Data Center Management, Risk and Fraud Management, and Quality of Service Management.

The factors that differentiate the company from its competitors are that the end-to-end platform can easily acquire and process both transactional (structured) and Big Data (unstructured data) while abstracting business logic to an SQL-like language. The platform is also architected from the ground up to scale out on commodity hardware for massive throughput. With the WebAction platform, less time is spent on configuration, and more time is spent deploying business logic listening to your streams and proactively heading off issues.

Speaking about the Key strategy followed by the company, Kutay says, “WebAction has seen great traction in Financial Services, Telecommunications, and Retail (Consumer Analytics). Our strategy is to allow users to focus on their business logic. We will continue to add new Data Driven Apps, data sources and delivery mechanisms.

In broad strokes, WebAction is working with commercial and investment banks in Europe; mobile telecommunications infrastructure providers; major SaaS providers in the Bay Area; and several online retailers.

Kutay elaborates a case study to highlight the benefits brought to one of its clients, “In the investment management world, portfolio values are traditionally recalculated either at the end of the day when the market closes or after the commitment of a new trade. One of our clients, an investment bank, wanted to monitor their customer activity and recalculate the equity ratios for every trading account continuously throughout the day. Equity prices were constantly changing, and some are quite volatile, so the bank wanted to understand if some of their customers were at intra day risk. Now, real-time portfolio values and equity ratios are delivered for every trading account, and margin alerts are also now generated in real-time. As a result, the bank has much greater transparency into how their customers are trading and which customers are likely candidates for margin calls. As an added benefit of installing the WebAction Real-time App Platform, all of the streams flowing through the platform are available for additional analysis, with very little additional overhead. This bank was also able to satisfy a regulatory requirement using the same data streams that they were unable to monitor previously.”

Future Plans
The company will continue to evolve the Real-time App Platform for ease-of-use and performance, responding to specific customer needs along the way to stay ahead of the competition. WebAction will also develop their library of Data Driven Apps adding more depth and breadth.


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