VelociData : Enabling The Real-Time Enterprise

As popular as the term “Big Data” is, it can also be misleading—because people can take it to mean that the number one challenge CIOs face today is the sheer volume of information that their organizations must process.

But it’s not just the massive data volume that’s challenging today’s CIOs. It’s also the variety of that data and the velocity with which they have to transform it into some kind of monetizable action. That’s why VelociData is offering CIOs a breakthrough appliance that enables IT organizations to ingest even the most massive volumes of highly diverse data at unprecedented speed while improving data quality and security, so they can get it into and out of their analytic engines in real time.

“Business opportunities can’t wait,” explains VelociData CEO Barry Rudolph. “If a customer is in your store, you need to send promo code to their smartphone before they head out the door. VelociData’s focus is therefore obliterating the data processing bottlenecks that typically stand between the business we serve and their ability to act on data-based insights in real time.”

VelociData holds multiple patents on a unique approach to data ingest and integration that leverages processors known as FPGAs (field programmable gate arrays) to create hardware appliances that accelerate essential data operations by multiple orders of magnitude. These appliances are especially useful for organizations that want to leverage numerous data sources including their mainframe data as part of their broader Big Data initiatives.

“The mainframe is a powerful computing platform with lots of advantages when it comes to reliability, scalability and data integrity—but it’s not always the platform of choice to perform these Big Data operations,” Rudolph observes. “We offer mainframe owners the perfect way to offload operations and data to other platforms that can exploit the strategic nature of the mainframe information while saving significant time and money. Our objective is to unleash the power of all of the Enterprise Data, in real time and minimal cost.”

Rudolph also points out that VelociData’s subscription-based licensing model enables CIOs to take advantage of the technology’s compelling value proposition without making intensive capital investments.

VelociData’s customers are all Fortune 1000 corporations. One leading retailer, for example, was engaged in an initiative to leverage data from a wide range of systems including customers’ in-store, on-line and mobile purchasing histories, along with store inventory information. Using conventional data ingest approaches, the integration of these data sources could only run at a few hundred records per second. This was not nearly fast enough to fulfill the business requirement for sub-second response times.

With the VelociData solution, the retailer achieved integration rates of nearly 100,000 records per second—enabling it to deliver a competitively differentiated buying experience to its customers.

The mobile economy is essentially a real-time economy,” observes Rudolph, whose career includes a long tenure as an IBM executive and several tech start-ups. “CIOs are going to have to entirely re-think the way they handle data in order to keep up with these real-time demands—and VelociData is going to be right there for them to take those thoughts off the drawing board and into the data center, where they can quickly and measurably move the needle on business performance and competitive advantage.”


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