VajraSoft Inc : Helping Customers To Manage Innovations And Monetize IP’s

According to a study conducted last year, a conventional firm has on average 125TB of data, but they utilize about 12% of it. This put forward a challenge to Big Data. In order to tackle this issue many of the companies are investing more in analytics and business intelligence solutions. Another major issue that most organizations face is that of managing Intellectual Property. VajraSoft Inc. is an Intellectual Property (IP) Management Software Company that helps customers in managing innovations and monetizing IP’s. With its headquarters at Dublin, USA, the company is headed by Kameshwar Eranki.

Their product portfolios include IPMation Application Suite –PatFolio which is a Global Patent Portfolio Management System, IP Cost-O-Meter, a global patent cost estimation and Budget forecasting tool. The company also provides IP Monetizer product, which is used to manage Intellectual Property / Patent License management and Royalty Revenue management on IP.

The company’s other products include IP Patenalytics, PatenTrak, Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) Automation and Pintels which is a Patent Intelligence System that provides Competitive Intelligence Analytics on demand.

A unique aspect of VajraSoft Inc. is that the pre-built cloud integrations provide integrated IP Management software – eliminate application silos, and empower customers to manage cradle-to-grave processes and scenarios for their enterprise and optimize time, resources and gain more visibility and control. Also, it facilitates collaboration between actors and in turn speed the overall process.

VajraSoft’s Big Data driven, Pintels – Intelligence Analytics on demand solutions, provide end-to-end analytics – with respect to Patents, Products, Market performance and competitive intelligence, empowering executives with all the intelligence they need to make right decisions and right time.

The company’s illustrious clientele includes leading companies in Biotech, Pharma, Medical Devices Industry, Semiconductor industry, and also Clean, Green Technologies verticals. Some of the customers include Dr Reddy’s, Center for Innovation (CFI) and a slew of Start-ups.

Highlighting a case study to explain the benefits brought to one of its client, Eranki says, “Dr. Reddy’s automated its key IP business processes – managing Invention Disclosures, Global Patent Portfolio Management, Patent filing & Prosecution, tracking and managing all Office Actions and responses and Patent Analytics. This end-to-end automation helped them to not only move away from siloed and antiquated / legacy systems but to closely align their IP Strategy with Business strategy, manage global patent portfolio, track and manage costs, automate key business processes, reduce costs, improve efficiency and gain more visibility into IP business operations (through patent analytics) and gain control to reduce spend.

The road map ahead
To achieve the strategic goal of becoming One Stop Shop for all IP Solutions needs of business, VajraSoft Inc. made giant strides and already provided 17 IP Products so far to the global markets. These IP solutions provision Innovation Management, Patent Life Cycle Management, and Technology Transfer & IP Commercialization automation on end-to-end basis as well as competitive intelligence analytics. Over next 15 months VajraSoft Inc. will be focusing on consolidating the gains made globally and also introduce more analytics products, services to fulfill the gaps in IP industry, especially in IP Due Diligence, Patent Litigation & Infringement detection.


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