Terepac Corporation: Delivering complete IoT Solutions For Today and Tomorrow

With today’s ever changing technical landscape it is becoming clear that businesses are not yet prepared to take on the Internet of Things (IoT). Terepac has been instrumental in assisting these companies with their turn key product known as ‘ONETM’. Built specifically for the IoT, ONETM is an enterprise grade, secure, end to end sensing platform which is capable of gathering data and transforming it into powerful information and actionable insights. This information that objects and machines share over the IoT is just as vital as the data shared by individuals and corporations. Hence, the security platform will encrypt data at the moment it is created and keep it encrypted until the client decrypts it.

ONETM is an agnostic platform that can be used for almost any business vertical and are experiencing exciting commercial traction in two key areas which are municipal water and manufacturing/oil & gas. While ONE Water is currently undergoing pilots in eight municipalities throughout Canada with over 20 water systems on the road to having smart hydrants by early 2016, ONE Machine has been a key warning system for high value assets and machinery in the heavy industries.

‘ONETM Water’, Terepac’s smart water solution delivers valuable insights to cities on conditions of their water infrastructure. Throughout any given year, a city’s water system will have to deal with freezing water supplies, equipment-damaging high and low pressure transients, and leaking mains. The ONETM Water solution converts existing fire hydrants into ‘smart-hydrants’ which act as windows into the underground water supply network.

The ONETM Water hydrants anticipate these damaging conditions and provide real-time alerts to city engineers allowing them to act before costly damages occur. By updating any existing network of fire hydrants with ONE Water electronics, the city instantly starts to receive monitoring data on the water system. This data includes readings on pressure, temperature and vibration. With this system, cities gain valuable data on their water systems that they didn’t have before.

With a focus on manufacturing, oil/gas and mining Terepac’s ‘ONETM Machine’ aims at reducing the tremendous costs of downtime, which can be $10,000/minute in some manufacturing and mining facilities. ONETM Machine can be deployed in seconds by magnetically attaching to any machine or object. Once installed the ONETM Machine sensors instantly start monitoring and sending valuable data wirelessly to the cloud. ONETM Machine constantly monitors sensor data streaming from the devices on machines and sends alerts to maintenance staff when thresholds that could cause damage or downtime are detected.

For clients that are new to IoT, Terepac offers them the ONETM IoT Starter Kit. This is a complete end-to-end, secure sensing kit that makes it easy for the client to explore how the Internet of Things can benefit them, their business or their enterprise. For less than $5,000, this kit includes sensors, connectivity, six months of data access and an iPad to view everything on. Terepac works with every starter kit client to help evaluate their needs and find the best IoT Solution for their business. Whether it is one of their off-the-shelf solutions, or a custom solution, Terepac points their clients in the right direction.

Terepac plans to gain an even stronger foothold in the future of IoT as well. Through its partnership with the University of Waterloo’s Institute for Quantum Computing and evolution, the company aims at making the IoT ‘quantum safe’ for the future. A point worth noting is that Terepac also has a tremendously rich patent portfolio focused on the area of miniaturizing electronics. This development path is deemed to introduce sensors and complex electronics that are essentially invisible to the eye.


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