TeamQualityPro: Providing Ability To Pull Data From Multiple Sources

Today companies have data spread throughout their organizations but they are not using the data to their full advantage. The data that is pulled in, whether manually or automated, isn’t put together to provide the big picture of what is really going on.

With Jay Philips as the Chief Executive Officer and President, TeamQualityPro (TQP) provides the ability to pull data in from multiple sources, provide visuals and notify users right away before something is going to happen. TQP strongly believes that by putting in alerts and notifications users can stay ahead of the issues, which help them out as an organization. As for the strategy on gaining traction, it is to elevate their SaaS offering in the market, which reduces a company’s total cost of ownership (TCO) when adopting their solution.

TQP has out of the box functionality based on industry standards as well as recommended practices.

We have a module that includes a CMMI chart but a customer preferred to implement a chart with their own algorithms based on their needs. We pulled the CMMI chart and implemented the customer request for their dashboard so it was easier for them to get a quick glance of how their projects were progressing,” says Jay.

Gaining efficiency is the main item TeamQualityPro looks at addressing for their customers. Once a customer implements the TQP product they are able to see what is happening, when, where, and for how long throughout the ecosystem which allows them to see what needs improvement.

Elaborating a case study that brought benefits to the clients Jay stated, “We have one particular client that was trying to determine why so many applications were going into Production with defects that had been previously resolved. The customer implemented our product and – noticed – immediately that regression testing was either not being done at all or not happening until right before release, which makes it difficult to resolve any issues before releasing to their end users.”

The company’s product also showed that defects were not being tracked correctly so information was not available at review meetings when needed. Based on their findings, regression testing as well as automated testing was implemented to occur during multiple times of the project lifecycle. The firm also helped train the customer on testing methodology. The customer saw improvements right away based on the changes TeamQualityPro implemented.

Our solution is the only one that provides the whole picture, provides notifications and doesn’t require special training for use,” says a confident Jay.

TQP delivers a consistent and valid process to acquire, aggregate and analyze data. The TQP platform draws out critical measurements in CMMI, code complexity, testing, defect analysis, project progress, and costs to produce graphical and table formats for decision accuracy. The TQP administrator can set the timeframe for updates enabling the key people in the organization to view the big picture of all the application team data from requirements to production.

The key differentiator and advan­tage of TQP is its usability for every­one within the organization who has a stake in the outcome of quality and application success. TQP is a Big Data solution, which can be setup within the company or via SaaS for a fraction of the cost.


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