Synerscope : Focusing On Human-Computer Symbiosis

The high-tech spin-off company SynerScope, has exceedingly mastered the art of collecting and storing data in an effective and economical way, in the Big Data Landscape. However, the most important step of sense making of it all, has presented itself as a challenge in areas such ascreating the value. SynerScope has offices in the Netherlands, as well as the USA and is led by the Chief Executive Officer, Jan- Kees Buenen. Jan-Kees has been utilizing and working with Big Data since the early nineties, long before it was known as “Big Data”.

SynerScope combined four scientific technology pillars without much compromise: Data Visualization, Medical Imaging Technology, Large Scale Graph Analytics and Semantic web/ linked data. This remarkable combination was created to deliver screen content and interaction that supports the speed of human thinking. Three years in existence, SynerScope works with a multitude of leading scientific institutes in Europe and the USA.

Direct technology relationships with chip makers in the fields of CPU’s, GPU’s, D-RAM and flash memory,contribute to the company’sextensive insight into what to expect in the future of hardware.“We stay ahead because we focus on Human-Computer symbiosis while working hard to incorporate AI and Deep Belief Network technology,” says Jan-Kees.

The company first saw traction in those verticals, where data was always big, heterogeneous, and much of it very difficult to use (technically or economically). Common examples that demonstrate this, are, insurance, banking, government, health care, and developing nations. The strategy to stay ahead is quite simple: Only work with the best, combine a strong technology and science core team, and leverage this with the leading available technologies from a global IT landscape.

Developing a case study that brought immense benefits to one of their top clients, Jan-Kees says, “SynerScope changed claims analytics in the P&C department of one of our customers, Achmea (No. 1 Insurance Company in the Netherlands). Our system provided completely new insights for pricing/risk, coverage, acceptance, claim processes, and also fraud management, almost instantly upon deployment.”

Clean bottom line improvements were quickly identified within the first week of just the proof of value.The analytic process has now moved much closer to the front line, with domain experts performing the actual analytics. All this was achieved by inserting a black box appliance on a small footprint, allowing for high performance compute capability at unprecedented TCO levels, compared to a more classic analytic solution stack.

Following the three essential E’s: Execution, execution and execution, enables the company to show tenacity for staying relevant, delivering technology that enables business objectives, and satisfying their customers. The company vows to always deliver the product, implementation and service in time, and to their full capability. SynerScope asks for a relatively small customer commitment, but in return makes big steps in analytic results with their customers. Their approach is radically different from so many experiences of the last two decades, where customer commitment always had to be big, steps took long and often delivered short of the original objectives. SynerScope delivers outstanding results, while remaining the easiest company in their field to do business with.

Future Plans
Over the next years, SynerScope will progressively develop its data rendering and compute capabilities. They trust to serve and support people with a unique capability to navigate and make discoveries in data. The development of advanced rendering technologies for deployment in the cloud will open the mass usage of open data of almost any kind.


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