Synergic Partners: Creating Business Value Through Big Data And Data Science

Big Data has been hyped so heavily these days and the companies are investing like crazy in data scientists, data warehouses, and data analytics softwares. Head quartered in Spain, Synergic Partners is helping companies in the adoption of Big Data and Data Science as a key completive factor. The company is led by Carme Artigas and Jaume Agut who are the Co- Founders and Partners.

The company firmly believes that Big Data is a game-changer. In order to take full advantage of these new business opportunities, Synergic Partners are supporting their client companies in the Big Data adoption roadmap. They not only provide leading technology and industry solutions but also help them build the new necessary skills.

The company addresses the business problems, focusing on five major areas: Customer Insight, Risk and Compliance, Financial Governance, Mergers &Acquisitions, and Innovation& New business models. Synergic Partners help their client companies gain competitive advantage through Customer behavioral patterns discovery, Churn rate prevention, Personalized product offering Dynamic pricing strategies, Fraud detection and prevention, as well as Marketing campaigns optimization, among other business challenges.

The company offers services in Big Data, Technology, Business Solutions, and Data Science.

Speaking about the key factors that differentiate company from other competitors Carme says, “The main factors that set us apart from the competition are our real and measurable success cases and our holistic vision that includes Data Management, Data Governance, Big Data and Data Science.

Synergic Partners is continuously searching for excellence and innovation in the development of their solutions and services. And they are also actively involved in the support of Data Scientists communities and Big Data start-ups.

This knowledge and differentiating position have allowed the organization to take part in international Big Data conferences as well as to be the first non-American company to become Industry Partner of the Columbia University IDSE (Institute of Data Science & Engineering) in New York, a leading institution in the world in the field of Data Science

The Company sees important traction of the Retail industry (both traditional and on-line) with initiatives towards revenue growth. They also foresee huge investments in the Healthcare industry (including hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, etc). Finally, industries like Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications have a great potential in the application of emerging technologies such as Internet of Things.

Synergic Partners provides knowledge and advice to large European companies in various industries, including banking and insurance, retail, telco, energy and utilities, and healthcare, among others. Some of our most important clients are: Banco Santander, BBVA, Iberia, Abengoa and Telefonica.

Highlighting a case study that brought benefits to one of their clients, Carme says, “We have recently implemented an innovative project dealing with advanced client segmentation for commercial campaigns for a multinational company in the aviation sector which allowed the company to increase by five times the success factor of their marketing campaigns. Thanks to this project, the company improved their customer knowledge and allowed them to detect new Market niches from which they were able to develop new personalized product offers.”

The road map ahead
The company’s main objectives for 2015 are to strengthen the development of industry solutions. They also plan to grow their team of Data Scientists. The company is planning to set up R&DLab for Big Data and Data Visualization.

They are also planning to expand their Training and Education offering addressed to Client companies in the fields of Big Data and Data Science.


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