SurDoc: The Technology Leader Of Secure Cloud-based Technologies

Alex Wang,Founder and CEOCloud Computing is still in early stage, the trends is that cloud storage will be primary storage for everyone, local storage is cache only. Until now, users had to sacrifice privacy when they stored data in the cloud. Files could potentially be accessed by hackers, viewed by server administrators (don’t overlook inside jobs), or turned over to government. Head quartered in Silicon Valley, SurDoc is the technology leader of secure, cloud-based storage and document technologies, with 100+ issued and pending patents. The expert team of the firm is led by Alex Wang, the Founder and CEO.

SurCloud is an innovative technology that totally redefines the security in cloud storage service. SurCloud is also a new class of cloud storage infrastructure that cuts cost by a factor of two while maintains the reliability at the 99.9999999% level. Our price point is just half of other major providers.

SurDoc have a number of vertical markets and in the US, they focus on the Healthcare sector ( SurMD is their line of HIPAA compliant products which uses proprietary security algorithms to guarantee utmost data protection. TruPrivacy is company’s patent protected technology that ensures that each file stored in the cloud is encrypted with a unique non-deterministic encryption key rather than a fixed one used by traditional cloud storage providers.

SurDoc has numerous ways to help their customers gain efficiencies; taking healthcare products as examples.

Cloud storage of healthcare data can be costly, complex, and may lack compliance. SurCloud technology solves these problems .With most cloud storage providers, encryption keys on the server side are not entirely secure which means that at any time, your information could be stolen by an ambitious hacker. SurCloud’s TruPrivacy technology solves these problems. Using regular email or burning CDs to share confidential patient records is not HIPAA compliant and is not saving; they provide SurLink to overcome these problems.

The major functions that SurDoc’s customers like includes (i) unhackable content that is stored in our cloud; (ii) full feature services including de-duplication and file sharing without the need of plain text, it can be done with encrypted data; (iii) price point is much lower because we can cut hardware cost and power consumption by half; (iv) easy implementation; (v) unlimited app installations for anytime anywhere access;

The company is well funded and has been in business for over four years. They have over 10M users and have filed over 100 patents worldwide. Alex Wang is a seasoned executive with vast connections in the industry. The technical team of over 50 has vast knowledge on cloud and encryption technologies. All these factors could certainly help SurDoc in staying power and success in the industry.


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