Steelwedge in the Cloud: A Highly Configurable Planning Solution To Support Customer-Specific Business Processes

While B2C businesses and social applications have moved quickly to the cloud, the move for B2B has taken more time because the solutions are naturally more complex and, in many cases, support critical business processes.To varying degrees, virtually all forms of business solutions are moving to the cloud. Steelwedge began its move to the cloud in 2006.

“We recognized before becoming the major player in sales and operations planning (S&OP) that cloud technology— being easy to access and implement—would enable companies to unite disparate ERP, CRM, SCM, BI and Finance systems to support their S&OP planning processes,” states Glen Margolis, the Founder and Executive Chairman of Steelwedge Software. Glen has extensive executive experience leading software, management consulting and manufacturing organizations.

S&OP requires collaboration, real-time analytics, and process orchestration to create a dynamically updated, unified planning view,” observed Glen. A cloud solution enables that by providing an integrated, collaborative view of S&OP processes across the enterprise. This in turn facilitates executive buy-in and anytime, anywhere access for all users. Cloud connects the entire ecosystem and provides the scalability required to support an S&OP process in a way that an on-premise solution can’t. Steelwedge users can create ad hoc modeling to understand not only supply/demand trade-offs, but also the customer impact and financial implications of those moves. This process would be cost-prohibitive without the elastic computing power of the cloud.

Business planning is a complex process, which is further complicated by the fact that each company conducts it differently. From the beginning, Steelwedge has had to provide a sophisticated, highly configurable solution.

A “forced-fit” solution is simply not an option as each customer has unique planning requirements and business processes. It has grown to become a market-leading solution by driving collaborative business processes that incorporate deep analytics for some of the largest companies in the world.

In addition to their core planning processes, many customers have orphaned or offline business processes. Steelwedge Apps enable customers to automate these processes through the Steelwedge cloud platform. One example is demand segmentation and stocking strategy apps.

Steelwedge has numerous customer success stories. Microsemi, which develops, manufactures, and supplies timekeeping technology to worldwide customers that require extremely precise synchronization, implemented Steelwedge to power its monthly forecasting process. With Steelwedge, Microsemi has increased on-time delivery to promise date by 20%. The commitment to customer request dates for shipment was improved by more than 20%. The inventory was reduced by 37%. The lead times across the board was improved by more than 20%. And most important, productivity was increased significantly.

Steelwedge follows several strategies for staying relevant, delivering technology that enables business objectives and satisfying customers. First and foremost, they listen to the needs of their customers, and let those needs influence their product roadmap. The experts at Steelwedge diligently ensure that their cloud solutions enable their customers to move quickly, make better decisions, and become more profitable.

We are able to do that because we hire the best and brightest minds in technology to develop, support, and deploy our solutions,” concluded Glen.


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