Solar Rig Technologies LLC: Exploring the New Horizons of Creativity

Solar Rig Technologies is a Systems Integrator that manufactures their own branded products, combining these products with an IoT software wrapper solution accessible through the web. They are also an OEM manufacture that performs marketable Solutions Engineering focused only on the outdoor IoT/M2M Smart Box markets. The company is led by Richard Hermann, the founder.

Solar Rig Technologies performs for their customer’s Custom mechanical engineering, IP protection, Branding, Professional Packaging, and all Distribution Logistics if needed. “We do not say “no” to any endeavor or challenge in regard to the outdoor IoT/M2M markets,” says Hermann.

Solar Rig Technologies offers Outdoor and Off-Grid Plug & Play Solar Power (Solar Breeze®), Outdoor Intelligent Uninterrupted Power and Sensor (Grid Surfer®), Outdoor and Vehicle Video Solution integration (VPoD®), Outdoor M2M Computing and Edge Storage solutions (Image Point®), Product certification for off-grid IoT devices (M2M Solar Certified®) and Single point of access and control for multiple IoT smart boxes via the Web (Unified Portals™).

The key strategies of the company are: To offer a one stop shop from A-Z for the customer, to Partner with big names such as, Verizon, Microsoft, Samsung, and AXIS communication, to name only a few, to focus on the vision and concept of the customer first and foremost. SRT approach customer needs by, accessing the outdoor environmental situation at hand, followed by a Smart Power solution, followed best practice device systems integration, and finally wrapped up with a one location, ease of access through a Unified Portal™ presenting the M2M, and IoT aspects, to create their own product lines that fill in many of the gaps in IoT/M2M and to front run un-standardized and not yet fully implemented technologies, such as 60w PoE (possible and not yet fully implemented Cellular AWS.

The company’ s illustrious clientele includes Verizon, Lockheed Martin, Sun Chemical Corporation, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI), Tennessee Wildlife Reserve Agency (TWRA), Government of Angola, Siemens Security.With his roots in electrical engineering dating back to the 1970’s, Richard Hermann, 52, the Founder of Solar Rig Technologies, LLC, brings his love of electrical component utilization forward by way of, providing complex systems integration of IoT and M2M solutions for his customers and the industry alike.

Solar Rig Technologies will maintain itself as a Technology Solutions Provider (TSP), best in class solutions for its partner’s, and its own customers, in order to maintain customer retention for service rendered. However, SRT also pursues its own multiple product creation initiatives.

As each product creation initiative progresses, the intent is to break it off as an individual entity if successful, and allow it to grow in a more focused way and on its own merit. Thus Solar Rig Technologies always looks for trail blazer opportunities that allow them full flight of their creativity.


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