SmartBase Solutions: Executing Solutions with Maximum Focus on the Customer Base

SmartBase believes that to position your company for growth, one of the first steps is to be confident that your business is running efficiently with your current data. This ideology has helped the organization develop solutions that leverage their experience with big data technologies to bring new efficiencies to their clientele. The SmartBase offerings include the SBS Analytics Platform, Hadoop-as-a-Service and Professional Services. The goal for each of these solutions is to reduce the complexity and costs for customers, allowing them to use data in new and interesting ways to support their business.

The SBS Analytics Platform is a data lake that comes with pre-built functions for data acquisition and ingest, profiling and cleansing, data append, and integration. It also boasts of industry leading discovery and visualization tools for exploring data using various analytic or statistical methods. Hadoop-as-a-Service allows SmartBase to provision Hadoop clusters (virtual or physical) and deploy ecosystem tools based on client specifications. SmartBase manages these environments to ensure they are available and secure for clients when they deploy code, acquire data and execute workflows. If the client opts for Professional Services, SmartBase can assist clients with defining potential uses cases, validating requirements, providing architecture or infrastructure engineering, or doing project-based development work.

Key factors that attract customers to SmartBase’s solutions include:

  • Experienced team leadership in Hadoop and Big Data technologies
  • Data exploration and data visualization tools expertise
  • Delivery of solutions that leverage data to drive real business value
  • Focus on privacy and compliance when handling customer data

In the years to come, data will continue to grow at exponential rates and businesses will need to have solutions in place that can capture and derive value from it. SmartBase has invested heavily in people and platforms so that their customers can gain those benefits while avoiding some of the challenges with this new computing paradigm.

SmartBase continues to execute their solutions with maximum focus on the client’s business needs. The team is currently very excited about continuing to add capability and stay on the leading edge of technologies with their solutions.


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