Simplifying IoT Device and Application Management

The Internet of Things (IoT) market has evolved to be a complicated place with many vertical industry protocols, conflicting approaches and a plethora of technology. The major challenge to extract the full value from IoT adoption is to reduce the perceived complexity of setting up solutions and enable organisations to extract value from the data.

We have witnessed the internet evolve from the Internet of Content, the Internet of Services to the Internet of People and now to the Internet of Things. This is defining
new autonomous machine technologies. As the industry matures, an increasing number of companies are investing in IoT while a large proportion of these are adopting IoT
platforms to integrate their operational technology with their enterprise IT systems. The
this more rapidly, securely and cost effectively than they could do on their own.

Some of these organisations are transferring from point solutions they have developed in-house after suffering from time to market delays, the loss of key personnel and
recognition of the considerable effort consumed in non-differentiating activities. Commercial IoT platforms can be grouped into: connectivity management platforms, which control the data connection; device management platforms, which integrate with and control the connected devices; and application enablement platforms, which provide the foundation for industry specific applications and integrations.

Cumulocity is the leading independent Device and Application Management platform for the IoT. Through our whitelabel strategy, we are probably the most widely used, but least known, IoT platform in the market today. Our platform is currently offered as a white-label component within our partners’ broader technology frameworks, such as Deutsche Telekom’s Cloud of Things, Teito’s Connect Platform, Software AG’s Digital Business Platform and Micro-Technology’s CUMoNoSU Platform. An increasing number of OEMs are embedding our platform into their digital service offerings, and we see further growth in this sector.

Cumulocity is an early pioneer in the development of IoT device management and application enablement platforms. The platform allows customers to rapidly prove their end-to-end business concept with a handful of things and scale their commercial deployment across 20 global data centres effortlessly. Their origin as part of Nokia Siemens Networks, the world’s mobile broadband specialist, provide them with the experience of securely managing millions of devices without service interruptions. Cumulocity can be deployed in the cloud and on-premise.

In selecting an IoT platform partner, it is important that an organisation considers not only its own current IoT maturity level but also how it wants to incorporate the capability within its digitally transformed enterprise in the future. With over 100+ pre-integrated devices, many open device source agents, native support for maturing industry protocols, such as MQTT, in-built industrial field bus integration and being inherently device and connectivity agnostic, the Cumulocity IoT platform simplifies connecting to any asset. with its open and flexible user interface, complex event processing engine, high availability deployment models, geo-distribution tenants and multiple on-premise options, means that Cumulocity can fully support organisations as their IoT concepts mature.

Cumulocity’s heart beat is their agile scrum sprint cycle with its daily stand-ups, prioritization and resourcing reviews. This approach enables Cumulocity to remain efficient in delivery whilst also being flexible to the market demands and this has allowed the platform to be recognised as a market leader since 2010. As a horizontal IoT platform provider, Cumulocity is involved directly and indirectly in many industry verticals and actively cross fertilises the ingenious ideas from one vertical across the others.

Cumulocity is governed by experienced international leaders who are well educated, extremely customer focused and always challenge the status quo, which allows the customer dialogue to be focused on the digital transformation of their businesses rather than the complexities of the technology. Also, Cumulocity has an active partner network of leading technology providers and a 2,500+ strong developer community that bolster the breadth of knowledge and capability.

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