Securing the Cloud Native Enterprise

Traditionally, security has been a force that slows development, forcing teams to jump through hurdles or await manual policy review before delivering software. In today’s world, where every company is a software company, that type of delay is revenue lost. Today’s enterprises need to build security policies and use security platforms that don’t slow down development or deployment, and that build in security automatically alongside applications as they’re built and shipped.

Enter cloud native cybersecurity—anchored by containers. Containers make it possible to adopt a fundamentally new approach to security that enables accelerated application delivery while also improving upon the protection of legacy tools. Rather than relying solely on perimeter-level defenses and waiting for intrusion attempts to start before reacting, you can minimize security vulnerabilities within your production environment and prevent intrusions before they even begin.

The small surface area of containers minimizes the opportunity for attackers to find a vulnerability to exploit. The transparency of containerized applications, combined with environment parity, makes it much easier for your security experts to become part and parcel of the software delivery process and identify potential security gaps at any layer – (within application code itself, in environment parameters, or in the host server,) before software is released to production. Environment parity also helps to ensure that software that is deemed secure during pre-production testing can be trusted to remain secure once it is in production.

Twistlock’s machine learning automatically generates security profiles and risk scores based on not only how applications are built and delivered, but how they interact with their environment and other applications.

That’s not all. In addition to helping to prevent opportunities for attack, microservice architectures and containers also enable organizations to be proactive about responding to attacks once they are underway. In the old, reactive world of security, a response to an intrusion would involve assessing how the attack occurred, then trying to figure out what hole facilitated it. Under the new proactive paradigm enabled by container security, organizations can mitigate attacks instantly. Using immutable infrastructure and machine learning, security policies can be updated constantly so that attacks are detected in real time. Responses can also be automated in order to stop an intruder in his tracks, rather than waiting until the damage is done to shut him out.

This is exactly what you get with Twistlock, the leading provider of container and cloud native cybersecurity solutions. From precise, actionable vulnerability management to automatically deployed runtime protection and firewalls, Twistlock protects applications across the development lifecycle and into production. Twistlock’s technology addresses risks on the host and within the application of the container, enabling enterprises to consistently enforce security policies, monitor and audit activity and identify and isolate threats with ease. Purpose built for containers, serverless, and other leading technologies, Twistlock gives developers the speed they want, and CISOs the controls they need.

The leadership team at Twistlock has a long history with Microsoft, with all three co-founders hailing from the company, bringing to the table extensive experience in enterprise security and in leading and developing projects.

Twistlock’s breadth and depth of platform is its key differentiator. Unlike competitive solutions, which focus on network security, or vulnerability management, or hardening before deployment – Twistlock provides security throughout the software lifecycle – and uses knowledge gained at each stage to provide stronger security across the entire environment, accelerating Twistlock’s technical edge against competitors.

Twistlock’s machine learning, which also sets the company apart from the competition, automatically generates security profiles and risk scores based not only how applications are built and delivered, but how they interact with their environment and other applications. Twistlock is the only solution in the space that protects host, container, and serverless functions, provides native network and application firewalls in addition to runtime, vulnerability scanning, and compliance, automatically generates risk scores and responds to incidents spontaneously.

In short, Twistlock is the single tool you need to protect modern applications. In addition to Twistlock’s focus on continually evolving its product to meet modern security needs, they are also at the forefront of advancing security best practices for modern application development and delivery. Twistlock has contributed often to security functionality and leadership in the open source community and has actively been contributing to the body of knowledge around best practices for container and cloud-native cybersecurity space overall.

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