We live in a digital world. Everything is seemingly connected to the internet and remotely accessible. Core business functions are rapidly moving to the cloud. This new world is full of our sensitive and private data. At the same time, cyber threats and breaches are proliferating at an alarming rate. Cyber Security has become a massive and costly challenge for businesses and will have an increasingly important role for the way businesses work in the future.

A recent Ponemon Institute report indicated that the average cost of a stolen record is $141, easily putting the cost of an average data breach into the whereabouts of millions of dollars. The financial impact is even worse as this could cause the business to lose investors’ and consumers’ confidence. For example, within 5 days of Equifax reporting one of the largest data breaches of all time, the company lost nearly a third of their stock value.

Cyber Security will make or break companies in the future.  As companies take note, Cyber Security will increasingly play a key role in every aspect of business in the future.

The team at Foresite is globally recognized for playing leading roles in the growth and success of some of the largest and most successful MSSP and consulting firms in the world

Foresite provides a range of managed security and cyber-threat mitigation solutions. Their range of solutions satisfies a large and growing reliance on companies requiring assistance to deal with rapidly evolving cyber-threats and risks. Operating as an extension of our customers’ staffs, we aim to proactively secure their digital assets through comprehensive assessment, vigilant monitoring, response, and remediation to meet all of their security and regulatory compliance objectives. We provide peace of mind for companies in the face of unprecedented cyber-challenges.

Foresite is led by an experienced management team with deep experience delivering information security and compliance solutions. The team is globally recognized for playing leading roles in the growth and success of some of the largest and most successful MSSP and consulting firms in the world. Currently, there is an increased demand for cyber security services as companies look to bolster their cyber security readiness. Areas that exhibit the most growth include assessment services to identify areas of risk and compliance, monitoring and alerting services to increase vigilance, as well as proactive and reactive incident response initiatives. Particularly in the field of understanding customer behaviour. Customers typically have the best intentions; however, complacency is a common problem.  Pretty good cyber security posture is often deemed well enough in many organizations.  Unfortunately, there is limited security in partial compliance with security best practices.

There are two unique features that have helped Foresite make its mark in the industry. First is its channel go-to-market strategy where their services are proided through resell and white-label arrangements with some of the largest distributers and VARs in the world. This has helped them establish a large global customer base more quickly than they could have grown organically. Second, Foresite’s proprietary ProVision managed service platform has become one of the most robust solutions in the world for delivering cyber-security and compliance solutions.

Foresite uses a wide array of technologies and techniques in their assessment services; however, the proprietary ProVision managed security services platform is at the heart of everything that is undertaken at the organization. This platform allows them to apply threat intelligence and business logic in real-time for all customers simultaneously, while not losing sight of the unique aspects of its individual client environments. This allows for extremely cost effective and efficient management of Foresite clients, unrivaled by competitors who leverage off-the-shelf products to deliver similar services.

In the coming years, Foresite aims to expand their regional and global footprint through organic growth and acquisition. Market demand for their services has been very high and a significant shortage of industry experts is providing strong tailwinds to propel significant growth of the business into the foreseeable future.

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