Relational Solutions: Leaders In Data Integration And Business Intelligence Space

Big Data is more than a buzz word these days, it is heard everywhere. It represents a huge business prospect. Big Data promises to solve almost all problems by combining the power of modern computing with the bountiful data of the digital era. Established in 1996 Relational Solutions specializes in integration of various data sources. Relational Solutions Executive team includes founders Rob York and Janet Dorenkott .

Since their inception, they have been part of over 200 business intelligence solutions where the streamlining and automation of data integration and harmonization was a critical factor of the project’s success.

Relational Solutions offers several products and services designed to manage big data. POSmart automates the cleansing and integration of point of sale data with internal data as well as syndicated data. It also integrates unstructured big data by applying structure to that data, developing validation routines, mapping the data and aligning the data with internal data to provide more insights into sales and the potential impact of those sales.

The key differentiator is the underlying architecture,” says Janet. Relational Solutions data integration engine is a graphical, self-documenting and powerful extraction, transformation and load engine. It is designed to support not only internal data sources, but also data sources that are more specific to the consumer goods industry. It integrates data from Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Teradata, Access, Excel, EDI, Walmart’s RetailLink, syndicated data and other internal as well as external data sources. It integrates data based on data type and has predesigned retail mappings and business rules that can be adjusted and enhanced for each customer based on the way they want to look at data.

More and more, companies are asking us to integrate data coming from on-line retailers like Amazon. They are also looking at leveraging social media data to see if sentiment is having any impact on sales,” says Rob.

The company’s clients include JM Smucker’s, GlaxoSmithKline, Lindt Chocolate and many others.

Relational Solutions has been recognized as leaders in the data integration and business intelligence space. They have received many awards and have had published success stories in DM Review, B-eye Network, Consumer Good’s Technology News and others. They have been involved in over 200 data integration projects including for Chrysler, Chase Manhattan Bank, Xerox, Timken Industries, Masco, Henkel, JM Smucker, GlaxoSmithKline, Lindt and others. For the past 14 years they have focused their efforts in the consumer goods industry.

Road map ahead
Relational Solutions continues to develop applications that will leverage their solid architecture. In addition to POSmart for category management and sales teams, they have developed TradeSmart for trade marketing teams. Their SmartSolution architecture also integrates social media data, emerging market data and other data sources to continue providing new value for their customers.


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