While speaking of cloud service providers who have been serving Enterprise IT clients for several years, REAN Cloud is one of the top providers that come to mind. As a full-service Cloud IT solutions provider, the company is rich in terms of experience in implementing complex and highly scalable architectures which support secure, compliant operations in highly regulated industries such as the Financial Services, Healthcare/Life Sciences, Education, and Public Sector verticals. REAN Cloud now specializes in helping small and large clients become agile, cut down on costs, and enhance security and performance through the usage of cloud.

The primary service rendered by REAN Cloud is the Cloud Consulting Professional Services. Through this, the client is helped with clearly defining their business goals and hurdles to have a better understanding of where the usage of Cloud will come in handy. The second part of the services provided is the Technical Implementation Services.

As part of their Migration Methodology, REAN Cloud ( helps in highlighting the importance of DevOps Engineering. This is carried out by using Amazon Web Services as a platform along with the combined expertise of REAN Cloud in DevOps. REAN Cloud’s solutions ensure that cloud transitions for organizations happens seamlessly without compromising on productivity, security, customer service or budget. Security is a critical and important aspect that needs to be addressed foremost during cloud migration. REAN ensures that during the transition of existing systems into a virtualized infrastructure, there is enhanced security that meets stringent compliance layers. This is done by leveraging technology such as host-based firewalls, host-based intrusion detection and prevention systems, and a comprehensive encryption strategy.

The strong areas of expertise that REAN possesses include leveraging DevSecOps on AWS to implement highly performant workloads that are secured and compliant for companies moving to the cloud.

There are several factors that set REAN apart from its competitors. Most importantly, the team at REAN Cloud comprises of certified AWS Solutions Architect and DevOps Engineers who stay up to date on the cloud best practices and are committed to delivering successful AWS architectures. In addition to that, the senior leadership team consists of former executives of Fortune 500 enterprise such as AWS, Amdocs, BAH, and Merck. REAN Cloud has the profile of a high performing start-up with the mind-set and governance of enterprises. This brings in a lot of cumulative AWS cloud computing and industry experience to the organization. REAN Cloud is also one the very few AWS partners to be recognized with AWS DevOps and Life Sciences Competencies and are an audited AWS Managed Services Partners. The strong areas of expertise that REAN possesses include leveraging DevSecOps on AWS to implement highly performant workloads that are secured and compliant for companies moving to the cloud, such as, a strong DevOps pipeline for continuous integration-continuous delivery cycle, billing as a service which helps in optimizing costs, and finally REAN Security Management Framework on top of Amazon VPC which helps customers with their portion of the Shared Responsibility Model. It is important to note that REAN has been identified by AWS as a Partner of Choice when it comes to quick and seamless migration to AWS.

In order to ensure that the organization’s growth is kept constant, REAN Cloud has adopted the concept of SMART working within its infrastructure. SMART stands for Simplification, Mentoring & Learning, Accountability, Respect and Teamwork. This has helped build a special culture that encourages employees to take up responsibilities, have respect for their co-workers and for the work they do, and work together as a team. As for the future years in business, REAN Cloud aims at increasing their technical competency across enterprise applications, and a rapid expansion within the US, India, Israel, and other parts of Asia and Europe.


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