RCG GLOBAL SERVICES: Understanding And Architecting Big Data Solution Technologies

No existing venture can afford to disregard the value of Big Data analysis. Gone are the days when Big Data was the area of global B2C endeavors, these days businesses of all sizes have easy access to Big Data.

Headquartered in Edison, New Jersey, and led by Robert D Simplot, RCG Global Services understands and architects solutions incorporating Big Data technologies.

RCG incorporates Big Data into existing data management and governance processes. They are also keen in delivering analytic results from Big Data volumes and variety of data types, particularly real-time data stream analysis, ad hoc queries and searches, and inferential analytics.

RCG delivers 6 targeted Big Data solutions for Business and IT. These include Big Data Proof of Concept, Advanced Analytics Roadmap, Advanced Analytics and Insight. Their IT-focused solutions include IT Cost Reduction with Big Data, Big Data and Advanced Analytics Architecture and, Big Data Technology Installation.

They work closely with clients at their locations to understand and develop requirements, document business rules, establish architecture and understand existing investments from which they create blueprints and roadmaps for implementation.

Much of the technical development and implementation are done from RCG’s offshore delivery centers in the Philippines.

RCG finds traction in the Analytic space. The company’s team of experienced, innovative and inquisitive BI professionals conduct constant investigation and analysis of new analytic and data handling technologies, which are then added to their solution capabilities. The company’s innovative solutions come from iterative learning and applying it in their clients’ environments.

RCG serves more than 250 clients – including 25 of the Fortune 100. The firm covers a broad market, with Practice emphasis on the Insurance & Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare, Energy & Utilities and Entertainment & Hospitality industries.

Elaborating a case study to highlight the benefits brought to one of its client, Rob says, “We have a large retail client in the Midwest who was struggling with the growth of data in their enterprise data warehouse.

Every two years, this client spends millions of dollars expanding the database footprint. The database occupies 1/3 of their entire data center footprint and is the largest consumer of energy in the data center. Similarly, their annual investment in ETL licenses and maintenance is in millions of dollars.

Rob continues, “RCG did a proof of concept which showed a 90% savings for this client simply by offloading ETL work into Hadoop. We measured the cost and performance of the current ETL infrastructure architecture against Hadoop. We used a current ETL process as the base and ran the same process on Hadoop using Pig on a Linux cluster as well as on Hadoop and SyncSort’s ETL tool on a Linux cluster.”

Future Plans
RCG Global Services approach Big Data differently than a typical solution offering. The firm has developed capabilities for designing, developing, deploying, and operationalizing Big Data solutions, including advanced analytics.

We are building industry solution prototypes in our Big Data lab. RCG has a maniacal focus on helping companies solve complex problems using our Big Data expertise. We are ready for this tsunami,” concludes Simplot.


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