Mimir was launched in 2014 as a company to solve to complex security issues and make them as simple as a single click away. Through its years in business, the company developed its products designed to work without predefined signatures, learn about the client network’s normal patterns, find anomalies in them and immediately mitigate the issue with a single mouse click. And all of this can be carried out without the supervision of a senior technical staff. The solution works its magic from all frontiers – in front of your networks, inside your data center, or even in a hybrid model with your private or a public cloud.

In the current scenario, challenges dealing with threats are getting more and more complex by the day. This is mostly due to shortages of IT security to effectively manage the issues, within the firms that get attacked. Malware, while attacking, is capable of getting behind the organization’s firewall and then making its way through the network to collect information. At the same time, it is also capable of sitting dormant for long periods of time, and then becoming active when the victim is most vulnerable. It has become a known fact that security systems can no longer operate in a vacuum if threats are to be immediately attended to and mitigated.

Mimir keeps a watch on all the activities within your network, and alerts you of anomalies and potential malicious traffic

Mimir believes that any compromise within a network setup makes it openly vulnerable to any sort of attacks, and also the information that is being passed through the particular network can no longer be trusted. To keep an eye on what is going on within a network, the traffic is closely watched and the behaviour of packets is noted from time to time. Similar to your credit card company calling you whenever you make an out-of-the-ordinary purchase, Mimir keeps a watch on all the activities within your network, and alerts you of anomalies and potential malicious traffic. This in turn empowers you with the capability to mitigate the risk with just a single mouse click.

Mimir’s open API also facilitates the integration of other security platform with theirs. How this works to both the parties’ benefit is through the reduction of complexity of the internal systems used by the client security team. Moreover, it also simplifies the response process. Other advantages this platform brings to the table include seamless network intelligence, visibility, and security at the network layer – this applies to a small AWS cloud deployment to even the largest global networks. Mimir has also developed its own proprietary anomaly detection algorithms, which can be used on high-volume global network connections, as well as east-west traffic within a private cloud data center or corporate LAN.

Generally, the ability to visualize big data sets for network traffic enables security engineers to rapidly respond to issues. This is made even better at Mimir. The technology not only allows the visualization of the geolocation and network paths, but also the traffic movement. This greatly helps engineers and system managers in better managing the network traffic. Through an open API, Mimir integrates with the existing network infrastructure and tools to reduce the number of screens which system managers and network engineers need to have open, in order to undertake their day to day tasks.

For the upcoming years in business, Mimir plans to stay focused on bringing security methodologies, which were once only available to the largest network service dividers and governments, into the hands of all networks. The company commits to achieving this feat for all networks, regardless of their sizes. In addition to that, the focus will also be given to ease-of-use and integration, avoiding the ever-growing complexities faced by using traditional vendors.

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