Parrot Analytics Limited: Delivering Unparalleled Value to Customers

When it comes to Big Data in the TV and Film industry, Parrot Analytics is one name your most likely not to miss. Backed by a team of data scientists, engineers and visualization experts, that is at par with the best across the globe, customers have gained the advantage of being very granular in the scope of search they are interested in when they opt for Parrot Analytics.

In order to deliver unprecedented value to the TV and Film industry, Parrot Analytics is solving some of today’s most prominent Big Data problems. Starting with selecting solutions for custom business needs, Parrot Analytics’ artificial intelligence platform is capable of adapting to specific client needs.

Through Parrot Analytics’ Big Data platform, billions of data points are captured from 249 countries (virtually every country in the world) that provide the company with an unparalleled view into global consumer demand for content.

While boasting of its services, Parrot Analytics also has the numbers to back it all up. The solutions provided by the organization have been used in some of the world’s largest content deals, while the value which the customers have received from their platform translates to 8 digit figures.

The specific use cases handled by Parrot Analytics include but are not limited to:

  • Helping studios and distributors understand global demand for their TV content to help them monetize the content more effectively
  • Helping broadcasters and OTT (over-the-top) platforms acquire the best content for their local markets and ensure maximum return on their content investments
  • Helping advertisers and brands understand the return on their television advertising dollars around the globe
  • Competitive intelligence on typically opaque areas like digital original TV series
  • Actionable insights on which countries present the best opportunity to raise awareness for specific brands
  • Understand market landscapes and how content demand correlates with revenue in order to discover monetization gaps and opportunities that clients can leverage
  • Understand and analyze root cause analysis for underperforming television series across any market globally

The type of Big Data insights that Parrot Analytics can provide varies from something very specific (such as at a country or city level demand report) to something broader and far reaching such as overarching genre trends spanning multiple countries. The number of returning customers at Parrot Analytics is itself the greatest indicator that the organization is on the right path. They aim at delivering unparalleled value to customers using prescriptive analytics powered by their Big Data engine.

In the coming years, the company plans on introducing a new paradigm of measuring multi-platform demand for TV content. The long-term goal in mind it to have the entire industry, across the value chain, utilize their next-generation data science platform to make more informed decision in different parts of their businesses. And the team at Parrot Analytics is well aware of the fact that they are well on their way there.

The success of today’s television companies is heavily dependent on increasingly sophisticated business models that provide data-driven intelligence about consumer viewing interests and behaviors,” says David Boyle, EVP of Insight at BBC Worldwide in Variety’s announcement of BBC Worldwide’s relationship with Parrot Analytics. “Parrot Analytics is able to turn the vast volumes of consumer demand data out there into actionable insights that greatly aid our ability to identify and understand content opportunities that resonate in various markets around the globe. The ability to measure empirical demand for content enables BBC Worldwide to increase the yield on content.”


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