Pacific Controls: Committed to Clients by being an end-to-end provider

Taking a look at the year 2015, it is evident that a lot of focus was given to enhancing aftermarket services by OEMs and in gathering business intelligence by leveraging huge amount of machine data. Similarly, the surge in smart city initiatives is all but indicative of the significance that IoT plays in our day to day lives in the current times. It is noteworthy that a number of pilots in these areas are in progress and a lot of customers have arrived at a stage wherein they have intentions to carry out commercial rollouts. One such major player in this field is Pacific Controls.

In the current fragmented IOT landscape, not many players are capable of demonstrating the ability to render end to end solutions. Pacific Controls stands out in this aspect, thanks to their complete end to end managed services. This service package includes integrating customer assets using a wide variety of protocols, analysing data using a library of analytics, carrying out remote diagnostics, facilitating continuous commissioning (which is the process of injecting new algorithms to address problems or enhance performances) based on artificial intelligence built into the Pacific Controls platform, and providing diagnostic reports for onsite activities (in cases where the actual problem cannot be remotely fixed, like hardware issues).

Pacific Controls boasts of a large pool of subject matter experts. These experts make use of data analysed by the in-house Galaxy 2021 platform to advice customers, on a regular basis, about improvements in their business operations. In contrast to most players in the market who just focus on data capturing, basic analytics and visualization, Pacific Controls goes much beyond that by partnering with customers on an ongoing basis, which is deemed to be an activity of very high value from the customers’ point of view. To further strengthen this process, the organization maintains an ever-growing library of analytics, which is based on their in-house R&D activities and research partnerships. This helps the team enhance their actionable business intelligence capabilities, thereby improving their insight into operations over time, giving them a strong edge over the competitors.

Just like any other organization’s success story, Pacific Controls also has a long list of clientele whom they’ve helped transform, enhance and optimize their business processes. One such case was with a Fortune 500 company, whom Pacific Controls helped identify malfunctions within their building systems on day one of establishing connectivity. The other kinds of support given to the company came in the form of identifying energy waste, and providing comparative reports on customer buildings systems to help make appropriate investment decisions. The right amount of data analytics capabilities coupled with the subject matter experts proved to be of great value in enhancing the client’s operations. The customer was able to recoup their capital investments in Pacific Controls services, in a time frame ranging from 4 weeks to a few months of making such investments for their various buildings.

Another significant achievement by Pacific Controls was the setting up of proactive monitoring of building emergency systems such as fire/water tank, gas leakage monitoring, fire alarms, fire fighting pumps, elevators etc. This helped the city government reduce accidents by a significant figure of 61 percent, while continuously exceeding objectives associated with casualties at the same time. The monitoring system also took care of communicating information about actionable incidents to Emergency Response team within 2 minutes of occurrence, and providing electronic guidance to emergency vehicles to incident venues through the shortest and quickest routes possible. Pacific Controls has also served the city in terms of an efficient garbage pick-up and disposal system. As a consequence of this system, the need for trucks has reduced significantly and also reduced fuel consumption, thereby improving cost efficiencies. The city government has made use of the system involving sensors installed in waste bins, and remote data capturing and analytics to optimize the garbage pick-up routes.

A leading HVAC manufacturer has testified as to how Pacific Controls has played a part in enhancing their aftermarket services by carrying out proactive and predictive maintenance using useful business intelligence on a real-time basis. This has led to a reduced cost of providing service while improving up-times and reducing meantime to repair. Similarly, an engine/generator manufacturer has been empowered with the capability to monitor their engines remotely, thereby enhancing their aftermarket services. The data captured and analysed using Pacific Controls Galaxy platform is helping them ensure a continued high performance of their equipment, while making useful information for product enhancements at the same time.

So what are the primary challenges that customers stand to face, from the point of view of a company like Pacific Controls? First and foremost, the pressure to derive operational efficiencies is one of the most commonly faced challenge, irrespective of which vertical of customers are being dealt with. Building owners and managers are faced with sub-optimal operations due to a lack of visibility into how building systems are performing. As a result, these parties are forced to deal with their problems on a reactive basis. Similarly, Original Equipment Manufacturers face serious challenges in their aftermarket services that lead to very high cost of delivering aftermarket services, with that too happening on a reactive basis. This not only leads to operational inefficiencies, but also causes customer dissatisfaction. City Managers are confronted with situations where operational inefficiencies lead to reactive life safety and security measures, which in turn result in high risks to human life resulting from accidents of various types.

Another challenge arises from the lack of necessary business intelligence to make optimal business decisions. These decisions may have to do with ensuring continued high performance of equipment, prioritizing investment in new equipment, or new product development or feature enhancement undertaken by OEMs. In these cases, lack of sufficient data may lead to sub-optimal decisions. Other major challenges include cost optimization and lack of proactive monitoring. While the former leads to lack of competitiveness and deteriorating profitability, the latter results in longer times to respond to problems, higher meantime to repair when problems arise and higher down times – in short, all sorts of problems that lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Despite all these challenges thrown at Pacific Controls, the organization continues to be a leader in its business thanks to their workforce whose cumulative experience, as the company claims, is unmatchable. On the whole, the company has delivered 50+ IoT applications to customers around the world, and has successfully integrated 110+ brands and models of equipment produced by various manufacturers. The solutions provided by the organization has enhanced operational efficiencies, reduced costs, and provided actionable business intelligence to their clients. In order to help clients overcome any sort of challenges, Pacific Controls undertakes 24×7 monitoring, captures and analyzes big data to produce actionable intelligence, and carries out remote diagnostics and continuous commissioning using their GBOT technologies. The company has demonstrated their expertise while helping many industry verticals to help achieve their goals. These include life safety initiatives of governments, transportation sector, mobile assets, city management, original equipment manufacturers, and large infrastructure projects such as airports. In addition to providing a platform that enables monitoring and managements of critical business processes, Pacific Controls provides services of subject matter experts who carry out periodic calls with customers to help them make the best use of Pacific Controls’ IoT platform. This could prove to be beneficial in terms of improving their operations, enhancing decision making, reducing costs and boosting customer satisfaction.

Pacific Controls manages to stay committed to their clients by being an end-to-end provider taking care of customer pain points and providing the appropriate solution, while helping customers focus on their core business. To make this absolutely effective, the company first fully understands the complex technical and business issues in the customer’s business process. Unlike other competitors in the business, they continuously help enhance business processes, instead of being just a ‘point in time’ solution provider. The continuous R&D activities and innovations in IoT solution has helped Pacific Controls demonstrate expertise in customer industries, no matter what type they may be of.

To continue positioning themselves at the higher side of the business graph, Pacific Controls identifies some key areas of focus that is certain to drive growth in the company. The company understands that in order to make effective product innovation decisions, it is mandatory to procure actionable business intelligence. The core business need not be strained unnecessarily in order to enhance operations significantly if the IoT solutions provider is well managed. High up times through proactive and predictive maintenance, minimizing mean-time for repair and quick response times are some of the factors that can enhance customer experiences. On the whole, it is a combination of innovation based on business intelligence, reduced costs through optimal operations and focus on customer satisfaction that yields the foundation for a well laid out success story.

With the year 2015 drawing to a close, Pacific Controls is proud to have demonstrated a 30%+ growth through the past several years. The company expects this growth to climb further in the years to come. This has been linked majorly to the rapidly growing market for IoT services, and the organization’s unmatchable expertise and end-to-end services. The teams of experts have been continuously toiling at expanding their IoT solutions to accommodate additional business processes and further enrich the existing services. The company aims at helping their customers reap full benefits of IoT by enabling connectivity of machines across many dimensions, carrying out intensive business analytics and facilitating fully managed end-to-end services. Pacific Controls plans to expand their coverage to 30 different geographical territories during the next three to four years.


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