Moser Consulting, Inc: Bridging The Gap Between The Information And The Customers

Big Data experts Moser believe that the biggest challenges they face are not associated to any technical shortcomings, rather they are due to the orthogonal nature of IT projects and business projects. In other words, the level of sponsorship and the type of customer is what determines the level of success of a project. More often than not, IT stakeholders and business stakeholders have different motivators as well as use cases, and end up being not matched with the right type of solution delivery. In such cases, there is the chance of poor value proposition.

Hence, the key is to identify the key use cases for the stakeholders in question. This is done by identifying the type of customers being worked with. The team of engineers at Moser have several years of experience and deep knowledge in the tools and techniques of ingest and processing of data. Their expertise has also helped them in spotting problems quickly. There have been situations in which the information that was to be ingested was not available due to organizational factors such as management and governance issues. The team has successfully handled such situations by designing from scratch a robust framework that would work as expected when the data was finally made available.

Some of the highlights from the list of projects undertaken by Moser include a fraud prevention system which managed to earn high returns on investment right from the very first year, self-service Business Intelligence platforms using Hadoop and other tools, and EDW augmentation as well as wholesale replacement at the appropriate time. Moser has also built several data lakes which have enabled businesses to query across many different data sets to gain insight and real information on their customers and themselves. It is implementations such as these that bridged the gap between the information and the customers who needed to be informed.

Moser looks forward to continuing their success streak in the years to come. The organisation owes this success wholly to their team philosophy which is strongly backed by the management through programs, including training and resources, which make the whole team successful. The experience and the expertise have also played a major role in making customers look at the team as a ‘service partner’ instead of just a ‘vendor’. The immediate agenda of the company is to expand geographically while also building up the partner network at the same time. Currently, they are working on the production and enhancement of open source tools in the big data space, and also fine tuning their engagement methodology as the variety of big data customers continues to grow.

So how does Moser keep the team hungry for more and prevent them from tiring out? This has been achieved by building on a base of strong client relationships as well as providing growth opportunities for employees. The company strives to provide challenging and rewarding work to the team of engineers coupled with the opportunity to explore. This is indicative of their preference for organic growth over forced or expedited growth. Ever since the comprehension of what Big Data is actually about has gained more clarity, meaningful conversations about how this approach to data processing can be leveraged are occurring. The company has set its target solely on realistic goals. This is rooted in their belief that improperly defined and scoped projects will almost always fail, but projects with goals rooted understanding with a realistic definition of success will almost always triumph.


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