Message Systems: Enabling organizations with flexible, future-proofmessaging at scale

Phillip Merrick Every day more and more infrastructure is relocated to the cloud and productized as SaaS, PaaS or IaaS. Virtually all consumer and business apps are now cloud-based because customers no longer want to deal with software installations and updates. While email services have been available through the cloud for years, the nature of cloud email offerings has diversified as social networking and mobile devices have fundamentally reshaped the ways end users consume messages. One company at the forefront of this evolution is Message Systems.

Led by Phillip Merrick, Message Systems has quietly become one of the most influential email technology providers in cloud computing today. The company’s Momentum platform powers 20 percent of the world’s legitimate email for industry leaders like Twitter, Groupon, LinkedIn, and, as well as many of the world’s largest ISPs, such as Comcast.

Massive scale and the ability to deliver messages within tight time frames are key attributes of Message Systems’ platform. Complicating the problem of cloud email at scale are the many unique ways that businesses integrate email with custom back end applications, databases and other systems. Market leader Groupon relies on the technology to get its time-sensitive offers delivered to its customers’ inboxes. “Groupon needs to send large volumes of emails with deals that are personalized based on geolocation, and the messages they send are very time-sensitive,” said Merrick.

Scale isn’t the only problem that plagues companies relying on email. The lack of consistency among domain and mailbox operators presents delivery challenges that differ from domain to domain. Message Systems’ Adaptive Email Network (AEN) tracks changing ISP rules and message bounce policies from over 90 percent of ISPs worldwide. It then shares that intelligence with customers through continuous automatic updates leading to improved email deliverability, engagement and better protection of corporate brands and sending reputations.

Because Momentum powers 20 percent of the world’s email, Message Systems has insight that companies who don’t handle nearly as much traffic can’t possibly have. This allows them to add new features and improvements their customers will need, often before they realize it themselves. The API-driven Momentum platform makes it possible for customers to easily incorporate a cutting edge messaging infrastructure that supports the delivery of SMS text and mobile push messages while leveraging the power of AEN.

Message Systems has been very proactive and innovative in helping their customers implement and deploy major email authentication and validation schemes such as DKIM, DMARC, SPF and TLS. “Our platform addresses real needs in today’s marketplace while laying a solid foundation for changes that will redefine messaging in the years to come,” says Merrick on the key strategy followed by the company.

Looking to the future, trends like mobile and data-driven marketing play to the company’s strengths—the need for software to communicate with customers and turn the data generated from those engagements into analytics and insight is at the heart of their platform and mission.


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