Linium: Positioning Organizations to Grow Confidently and Achieve Enterprise Scale

In a rapidly changing market, CIOs are challenged with providing a better and faster customer experience when it comes to the products, services or experiences they sell. Cloud Computing is a “Digital Disrupter” that enables CIOs to develop highly intense consumer and/or internal business user experiences with agility, while giving users the ability to access data, intelligence, analytics and services anywhere, anytime. Linium was founded by Chief Executive Officer, Joe Burke, and Chief Information Officer, Dave Howard leverages the best in people, process and technology to design consulting services and cloud solutions that are tailored to deliver this exact dynamic.

Dave Howard, CIO, Linium
Dave Howard, CIO, Linium

Specifically, Linium has developed rapid deployment cloud-based solutions that are driven around the concept of “Bringing Services to Users vs. Users to Services.” These solutions enable companies to implement fully automated self-service systems and applications that allow users to access data, business intelligence, analytics and services anywhere and anytime they need it.

By leveraging cloud-based solutions, Linium has helped some of the world’s fastest-growing companies become lean in technology, while positioning them to confidently achieve enterprise scale and growth through lower costs and increased time-to-value. “We believe that customer experience is what drives the success or failure of any cloud technology, whether it’s gaining more visibility into planning and budgeting or developing centralized enterprise portals employees are empowered to request services anytime, anywhere”, says Burke.

Linium leverages a wide portfolio of cloud technology solutions and platforms. In particular, Linium has become a leader in Enterprise Service Management powered by ServiceNow and Enterprise Performance Management Powered by Oracle. Both platforms allow companies to build, power, and deploy completely customizable and scalable services and applications on one platform that expands across the entire enterprise.

Customer satisfaction
One of the main objectives of Linium’s consulting services and cloud-based solutions is to position organizations to achieve growth and help them gain tangible efficiencies throughout the enterprise. A prime example of this is Linium’s work at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (BCBSNJ). By implementing ServiceNow, a cloud-based platform solution, as their front-end catalog, the company was able to reduce its call volume by 30%, reduce the request fulfillment cycle by 15%, realize a 50% reduction of data entry duration, and increase customer satisfaction.

Another example of a company leveraging Linium’s cloud-based solution is Vertex Business Services. Vertex was relying on spreadsheets to consolidate, plan, budget, and report. With the help of Linium, Vertex replaced their current system with Oracle’s Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service which provided a centralized application for budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and analysis. The company now has the visibility and confidence in their financial planning, budgeting and reporting to remain on the forefront of maximizing profits and customer satisfaction, all the while reducing the number of manual tasks required.

“We aren’t looking to become the world’s leader in innovation, we are looking to become the world’s leader in helping our customers reach innovation through the use of cloud solutions that position their organizations to grow confidently, enterprise-wide ,” says Howard.

Imminent Plans
Linium’s Research and Development (R&D) efforts have been and continue to be customer-focused. An exciting anticipated rollout of Linium’s Managed Service Provider plans and programs for custom applications and business critical integrations is set to launch in the near-term. Linium is also looking to extend their investment in mobility and are working to build the next generation of Enterprise Service and Performance Management by introducing all means of business through a Service Driven Platform enabling: Content-as-a-Service, Knowledge-as-a-Service, and Data-as-a-Service.

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