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According to IDC Research, 90 percent of today’s data was created in the last two years. While a lot of this data is what many call “Big Data,” the amount of traditional data that companies are accumulating is also growing rapidly. The pace of this growth is not going to abate and will continue to magnify data challenges for companies.

Founded in 2006 in Wellesley, MA, RedPoint Global Inc. is a leading big data and digital marketing company, and the only marketing solutions provider included in leading industry analyst reports for both data quality and digital marketing applications.

Co-founder and CEO Dale Renner established the company with a single mission: To empower data-driven organizations by unlocking the full value of their data to drive profitable, sustained growth.

RedPoint develops a comprehensive set of ETL (extract, transform, load), data quality and data integration applications that operate in and across both traditional and Hadoop 2.0/YARN environments. Many of their partners – including third party data aggregators, agencies, system integrators and marketing services providers – use their products to develop customized offerings for their clients. RedPoint makes it possible for companies to manage their data, derive actionable insights from it, and take the most appropriate actions to monetize it.

RedPoint Global Inc: Delighting Customers Through Flawless Execution

To articulate an example that helped one customer gain efficiencies in their operations, Renner said, “WGBH, the Public Broadcast Service’s #1 content producer, turned to RedPoint Global when they wanted to improve donor engagement and relationship management. RedPoint helped WGBH uncover more than 80,000 duplicate donor records in their system. Using RedPoint, they were able to correct the duplicate record problem, creating an authoritative record of engagement and establishing a strong foundation for donor relationships. WGBH has implemented a Hadoop-powered solution to capture social media data and combine it with traditional data to create richer donor profiles.”

RedPoint sees Big Data as the next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity. Turning this ‘frontier’ into meaningful business results for customers in an efficient and cost-effective way is what drives the company.

Last year, the company launched the first pure-YARN data quality and data integration product on the market. Uniquely, it’s ETL, data quality and data integration software operates across traditional and Hadoop 2.0/ YARN environments making it a pioneer in delivering proven data quality capabilities for the Big Data market. No other vendor offers the breadth of capabilities, the cost-effectiveness, and the ease of use that RedPoint Data Management does.

This year RedPoint will be introducing Hadoop-powered solutions that help companies to create a centralized processing pool – a ‘data lake’ – where data can be captured, cleansed, linked and structured in a consistent way. This will enable users to create a powerful processing and refinement engine to drive usable information across enterprise data bases and data marts.

RedPoint’s products are architected for fast, easy, low-cost implementation, minimizing the need for expensive, hard-to-find solution implementers.

The company is reinventing the industry with innovative solutions that optimize data for business transformation and success with unparalleled speed, ease and agility. Their applications are popular because they are built on a contemporary architecture that simplifies complex processes to enable companies to achieve strategic benefits faster.

RedPoint stays ahead of the curve because we engage with a broad base of diverse customers, listen to their needs and incorporate those learnings into our products,” concludes Renner.

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