Knowledgent: Customizing Innovative Solutions For The Clients

The Big Data landscape is rapidly evolving. We’re seeing a huge uptick in the number of tools and technologies in the Big Data space. Many of our clients are transitioning from thinking about Big Data to developing proofs-of-concept and use cases,” says Peter Gibson, Co-CEO of Knowledgent.

However, many organizations are facing challenges with the adoption of Big Data. These challenges are often focused on the organization’s technical requirements, business objectives, or both. Headquartered in New Jersey, Knowledgent is a data and analytics firm that helps clients maximize the value of their information by improving their data foundations and advancing their analytics capabilities.

Knowledgent makes a point to stay on top of all of the emerging trends and technology in the big data space.

As the needs of clients change and more technologies become available, it’s important for us to evolve with them and to continue to make sure that we understand the challenges our clients face and to be able to customize innovative solutions for them,” says Gibson.

The firm offers a wide range of services developed to assist clients at any stage of the big data lifecycle, from ideation to implementation to business value realization. For example, info2insight, the firm’s comprehensive suite of big data capabilities, enables organizations at any phase of development to harness the power of big data and accelerate from information to insight to impact.

In one major project, Knowledgent helped a healthcare payer operationalize the capability to ingest data and run analytics to grow the business and drive innovation. The client realized huge ROI on the project. More importantly, the improved architecture and analytic capabilities allowed the client to evaluate disease misdiagnoses faster and more accurately.

Knowledgent’s big data solutions are vendor agnostic. This enables their clients to use the tools of their choice for the best and most customized fit, without vendor lock-in.

Sharing thought leadership and participating in the big data community is also very important to the firm.

We speak at events and conferences and publish white papers, videos, and other thought leadership materials. Free tools like our Big Data Ecosystem poster help clients understand the vendors in the big data landscape,” says Gibson.

Everyone at Knowledgent is an Informationist – an information management and analytics professional who combines expertise in data architecture and engineering, data analysis, and domain knowledge to maximize information value and create business advantage. The firm operates in both the emerging world of big data and the established disciplines of data warehousing, enterprise information management, and business analysis. They have the technical knowledge to deliver solutions as well as the business acumen to operationalize data initiatives, ensuring that organizations realize the full value of their information.


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