Incident Response Tool from Cynet Validates Suspected Breaches and Removes Confirmed Threats

Automated threat discovery and mitigation solution provider Cynet has introduced a free Incident Response Tool for service providers and enterprises to ensure the fast identification and remediation of cybersecurity attacks. The company’s new IR Option is a high-performance solution that identifies live threats in compromised environments quickly and efficiently for remediation.

Time plays a critical role in incident response and because specialized methods are required to optimize and accelerate the timeframe between initial check and complete threat removal, a new generation of incident response capabilities are required to validate suspected breaches quickly. The Cynet 360 IR Tool identifies, validates and responds to confirmed threats using automated threat discovery to radically reduce manual investigation time. The SaaS-based platform is capable of covering thousands of corporate endpoints in minutes.

Juniper Research estimates that the US will become a more prominent target over the next 5 years. Juniper expects over half of all data breaches globally to occur in the US by 2023. This is because the country has much national and international consumer and corporate data in a disparate range of institutions and regulations; making it easier to find and exploit systemic weaknesses. Add to that uncertainties in the global economy and 2019 looks set to be a challenging year for cybersecurity professionals.

Additionally, 75 percent of the projected world population of 8 billion is expected to access the Internet by 2022, making the need for more sophisticated cybersecurity weaponry to counter emerging threats critical as cybercrime damages will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2015. [1]

With the use of the Cynet 360 IR Tool, incidence response professionals are capable of conducting automated threat discovery and performing remediation actions promptly, allowing for:

  • Full Environmental Visibility: Gain instant visibility into any host, file, process, logs, network traffic or user activities. Acquire verdict, attack scope, and all indicators immediately. Use the solution’s central management to distribute other open source IR tools across the environment.
  • Precise Threat Knowledge: Get accurate, real-time threat knowledge auto-generated by the Cynet 360 correlation engine. Conduct deep-dive investigations and leverage granular forensic tools to conduct end-to-end investigations. Proactively hunt for threats using known and local IOCs.
  • Complete Remediation Actions: Isolate infected hosts, disable compromised user accounts, remove malicious files and block risky network connections. Craft custom remediation policies for automated threat blocking and removal.

According to Cynet co-founder and CEO, Eyal Gruner, “Sound incident response is a must-have capability for the enterprise today. While there are no silver bullets to stop all attacks, having the right tools in place will put the organization in a higher state of readiness and provide for greater resilience against future threats.”

As many organizations and service providers struggle to get the threat visibility they require Cynet promises significant advancements with detailed threat visibility in minutes. Such insight into an enterprise attack surface is the fundamental cornerstone to sound security decision making and should be the starting point of any defensive strategy. While the legacy approaches of today can be intrusive, expensive and require weeks to complete, Cynet is changing the rules of the game and enabling organizations to institute remedies quickly and accurately.

Underestimating an attacker’s ability to silently operate helps these criminal operations to be successful and it is increasingly common to find many organizations playing host to malicious activity at varying degrees of attack. With a proactive approach as detailed above, incident response providers and administrators can discover the active risks and remove them from the environment.

[1] Cyber Security Ventures, Cybercrime Damages $6 Trillion by 2021

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