IGear: Innovation in its DNA

Big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) are creating a data explosion with some 20-30 billion connected devices estimated by 2020. Yet today an estimated 70% of data captured through manufacturing goes unused. Without the means to harness and understand data, manufacturers are struggling to make critical decisions in real time.

For more than three decades, IGear has been at the forefront of smart manufacturing and supply chain solutions providing innovative solutions that connect the enterprise, streamline data gathering and analysis, and empower teams through improved communication and collaboration, for quality improvement, cost reduction, and process control.

What Makes It Different?
Based in Louisville, Ky., IGear works with multinational manufacturers and organizations with complex and mission critical supply chain operations.

In an era of manufacturing data deluge, discord and distraction, IGear SQUEAKS puts actionable insights in the hands of workers for decisive decision making and improved collaboration

Unlike other startups in the IoT space, IGear differentiates itself via its deep domain expertise in the manufacturing and supply chain sectors.

Many organizations perceive IoT projects to be daunting and complex. And many IIoT platforms do require extensive professional services integration and customization. IGear has developed a solution called SQUEAKS that makes harnessing the power of the IoT relatively easy so organizations can put the power of the technology to use in a very practical way.

SQUEAKS is a mobile-first Industrial IoT messaging app that facilitates quicker, better decision-making, and closed-loop collaboration, with machines as part of the conversation. It integrates messaging across machines and personnel, and enables algorithms, rules and analysis to be applied across multiple data environments to formulate insights and prescriptive actions. This keeps front-line workers and management in the know on events driven by both simple conditional alerts, and complex event triggers, for improved responsiveness, ownership and accountability.

When people and machines communicate as one and in real-time, manufacturers benefit from: improved uptime and overall equipment effectiveness; Six-Sigma product quality resulting in less scrap and rework; lower operating costs (personnel, material management and flow, floor space utilization); and continuous improvement and heightened workforce engagement.

SQUEAKS also helps manufacturers address the new realities of the Millennial workforce (the so-called hashtag generation), which will account for 75% of the global workforce by 2025.

SQUEAKS was launched in November 2016 at FABTECH, North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event, where it was named one of the top 10 fabricating technologies at the show.
An international airport terminal is leveraging SQUEAKS to streamline communication around suspect bags with TSA inspectors. Downtime has been reduced through greater ownership and accountability among maintenance personnel responsible for clearing conveyor jams and mitigating potential issues.

SQUEAKS is helping detect production line errors more quickly for greater time and cost savings for an auto parts manufacturer. Operations that fall outside of tight quality tolerances and specifications are caught immediately, reducing work-in-progress scrap. Machine performance is also monitored to squeak/trigger vital service and maintenance actions.

With an industrial machinery OEM, squeaks are sent out when a machine is down, a threshold has been crossed, or when raw material is running out. Assigned workers can claim the alert, share rich data such as photos and videos, ask questions, collaborate with equipment experts, and keep machines up and running more efficiently. The machine builder can also help prevent unplanned downtime by maintaining a real-time pulse on the equipment, remotely.

Future Plans
IGear’s goals include continuing to build shareholder value for all its our stakeholders; building on its solid base of products and marquee customers; and doubling its revenue in the next two years. And its long-term vision is to put Louisville, Ky., on the software map.

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