All students are not good learners by birth. But, parents, teachers, and mentors efforts with changing technology can help children to learn and understand things faster. Then why not choose the emerging trend of technology to empower students reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

If you are using MacBook or Mac, the good news is that several apps and tools can become the right motivation for a good learner. Let’s know some of them and how these can help a child’s intellectual, social, and academic growth.

1. Show Time-lapsed Video

Showing time-lapse videos always put a positive impact on children’s growth. These videos may involve the child’s past time videos, while he/she was playing with parents, guardians, or with others. It helps the children to learn what he/she was doing in the past. You can also add videos related to cleaning toys, making your favorite snack, and how the ice cube is melting. These interactive videos motivate children to copy or follow instructions to act accordingly.

2. Make A Coloring Sheet

There are many apps on apple stores that enhance a child’s innovative skills. You can choose an easy to navigate photo app and assign a task to change colors. You can start by selecting a background color and then go ahead with more difficult tasks. It creates learning with fun. You never know when your child becomes a professional photographer and falls under the 10 most famous photographer’s list.

3. Picture Your Name

Picture your name is the most fun-loving game. All you need to do is assign some alphabet letters and ask them to arrange alphabets as per name order. This is an amazing technique to learn a name. Similarly, you can assign other names like family names, schools, cities, and other famous personalities. It helps young adults to read and learn faster.

4. Choose Mind Mapping Games -mind mapping apps

Choosing mind mapping games are effective tools to enhance learning ability. You just need to install mind mapping apps on your Mac and this turns the hardest task into a simplified form. Your child need not to learn a long passage, a young mind can learn the hardest passage in short notes. The catchy images and color options help them to memorize for longer periods of time. You can create content in the bold, heading, or sub-heading form for effective results.

5. Use Calendar Together

There are many exciting calendar apps on the apple play store. Some of them are free of charge and help to teach many things to your child. Wondering how? You can easily teach months name, recall dates, weekdays, seasons and weather, etc. you can also assign any work completing date to the child, and remind them how many days are left. This is a creative technique to teach time management to accomplish tasks from childhood.

6. Emojify To Cheer Your Mood

Every child loves emoji. Then why not to add emojis in their learning. Just draw a circle and add different types of shapes like silly eyes to create emojis with different expressions. This will also help your child to learn faster and explain things with expressions. The artistic nature of emoji can build qualities of big-screen artists. Moreover, you can also motivate young minds to share these emojis with their friends on different platforms.

7. Tell a Story With Shapes

Storytelling with shapes always puts lasting impressions in your child’s mind. You can motivate children to add different shapes on a blank page then build a story. Inspire children to create a story on given images. You can also rearrange the pictures and ask to create another story. This enhances the learning process and the ability to create cooked stories rather than mugging up. For example, if you show trees and the sun, ask the child to create three different stories on the same subject. You will be surely surprised to see the hidden talent of your child.

8. Create a Comic Strip

Comic strips give an exciting experience to young and their parents. All you have to do is take a picture of your baby and some other pictures of your favorite toys. Create a video using these pictures with video creation tools on Mac. You can also transform the video using comic book filters. It’s time to record your story based on the given video and show it to your kids.

9. Record News Interviews

Just imagine how interesting it could be if your child will ask questions and give answers in different voices. There are audio and video recording apps on the apple store, where you can change your voice. You can add a filter to your voice that works as an impressive way to listen to the recording again. Give topics related to fashion, technology, entertainment, weather, or trending news. It will boost juvenile learning power and they will try to explore all possible ways to fetch more informative content.

10. Write a Love Letter To The Planet

If you aim to improve the writing skills of your child. There is a solution in the MacBook and Mac. You can download writing tools or open apple notes. Motivate your child to write a letter to the planet. In this way, you will learn about the child and what he/she is expecting from an environment, or where the child wants to contribute to a better social life. On the other hand, you can learn about writing skills also. You can know grammatical mistakes and create strategies for improvements.

11. Improve Concentration

Emojis, pictures, and shapes not only works for expressions or reading habits. But you can also improve concentration with these tools. Show some images on your mac screen like eyes, heart, hand, pizza, spoon, or juice. Ask your child to count the given figures. In this way, you can improve the learning skills of the child. You can also make different patterns and leave one blank. Inspire your child to guess the missing figure. It will keep kids more involved with studies without forcing them to follow traditional paper and pen techniques of learning.

Let’s wrap Up!!

Transforming education into fun is a creative way to teach everything you want to fresh-minds. All you need to do is find the most effective way that your child loves to enjoy most.

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