GridPoint: An Innovator in Data Driven Energy Management Solutions

GridPoint, a provider of energy management systems (EMS) incorporating remote hardware and centralized data processing, software and analytics, GridPoint has lot of experience implementing Cloud Computing technologies. As an early adopter of Cloud Computing, the company has created processes and systems that support their implementation with minimal cost.

GridPoint’s EMS depends on infrastructure and software developed for the Cloud. Their network includes devices at customer sites streaming tens of millions of data points per day to centralized systems that manage and analyze the data stream.

GridPoint’s software platform, GridPoint Energy Manager, provides visualization of this data within minutes of creation at customer sites.

GridPoint’s hardware and software products provide an integrated data-driven solution for customers who need remote control of energy-consuming assets. Their customers have access to feature-rich software developed using state-of-the-art technology that is continually enhanced and improved. For example, GridPoint provides custom reporting and analytics solutions for customers using advanced business intelligence applications.

GridPoint Energy Manager provides a central reporting and analytics engine for analysis of energy usage. Customers can identify inefficiencies and make policy-level changes that are implemented immediately across the entire portfolio of sites to maximize savings.

“At VF Outlet, our EMS was deployed at 15 stores and exceeded energy savings expectations. Each store averaged a 22% combined electrical and gas energy reduction, which delivered significant financial returns for the company. VF Outlet used GridPoint’s solution to identify previously unknown inefficiencies and tighten their operations to further increase savings,” says Todd M. Raba, President and CEO of GridPoint.

GridPoint’s EMS solution can also integrate with third-party systems, , allowing customers with previously installed systems to maximize their current investment and take advantage of GridPoint’s advanced software.

GridPoint recognized that implementing Cloud Computing technologies provides distinct competitive advantages over solutions implemented behind customer firewalls. As an early entrant in the field, the company developed processes and implemented technologies that allow it to fully capitalize on the promise of the Cloud. For example, new software features can be delivered to all customers with a single implementation; new features requiring device firmware upgrades can be delivered across an entire customer site portfolio remotely; and reports and analyses can be developed for a specific customer and generalized for delivery to multiple customers. The advantages of developing, delivering, and supporting products in the Cloud significantly lower costs and reduce go-to-market time.

Future Plans
“I expect to see a steady adoption of enterprise cleantech products as the awareness of savings and payback spreads. Current approaches to energy management are being out-performed by granular level monitoring and cloud-based platforms and it won’t be long before energy management is a common practice for businesses across a variety of industries,” concludes Raba


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