Gravitant: Provider of Comprehensive Solutions That Address The Primary Cloud Pain Points

While cloud computing has much promise, it also has a number of challenges for enterprises that are used to the on-premises way of doing IT. These challenges include knowing which app is best suited for the cloud, which cloud providers are the best fit for the particular app, and business need, how to provision infrastructure, how to monitor and manage it, how to predict IT expenditure in the cloud, and how to reconcile bills.

Another key pain point is Shadow IT, in which business units go directly to the cloud instead of going through enterprise IT. As you can see, these challenges arise because cloud computing presents a whole new way of doing IT.

Gravitant is not a consulting company, but a solutions company. The first step is to address at least one significant problem of the customer in a holistic fashion—i.e. not leaving the customer hanging with a partial solution. The second is to actively listen to the customer and adjust the solution to meet the changing customer needs.

Gravitant have been involved in cloud computing since before the term became fashionable. They are heavy users of the cloud in all software development and have helped many customers understand, migrate to, and operate cloud based infrastructure. They not only understand the cloud and IT challenges but also the business issues of dealing with an ecosystem of providers. Gravitant brings all this together to build a powerful solution for customers.

The solutions developed here enables enterprises to transform, enhance and optimize their business process. To begin with there is a $5 Billion global revenue corporation headquartered in Europe that has licensed Gravitant’s cloudMatrix
software to create their next generation IT platform. Using cloudMatrix, they have enabled their worldwide business units to easily consume cloud and non-cloud services from an approved catalog. This solution increases the speed of IT delivery but maintains financial and compliance oversight.

Gravitant’s flagship software solution, cloudMatrix, is the most effective and production-hardened Cloud Services Brokerage and Management Solution in the market. cloudMatrix is used by multi-billion dollar organizations across the globe to get the most out of cloud computing and effectively deliver IT-as-a-Service.

Basically, cloudMatrix is a consumption portal that makes hybrid and multi-cloud services easy to procure, consume and manage. cloudMatrix aligns with the IT processes needed to truly make cloud work in the enterprise. This includes planning, procurement, deployment, operations and governance. cloudMatrix enables customers to move from a slow service-request (trouble ticket) model to an agile design-to-order model. The results: improved time-to-value from months to minutes for new IT solutions as well as IT costs slashed by up to 50%. cloudMatrix can be licensed by enterprises of all sizes or white-labeled by solution providers.

cloudMatrix was built from the ground up as a SaaS delivered solution and is easy to use and implement. It works with leading cloud management and develops platforms and integrates with common financial applications in the enterprise.

There are three primary factors that set Gravitant apart from its competitors. To begin with, they think differently. What is meant by that is that they come from a B2B marketplace heritage (SAP, CommerceOne) and so understand the business issues with dealing with a broad ecosystem of online providers. Many of the competitors have started with an operational or management mindset, i.e. close to the infrastructure and working up, while Gravitant start from the business side and work down. The second key differentiation is that they provide a comprehensive solution that addresses the primary cloud pain points rather than being a point solution. They also have invested heavily in analytics and considers that their secret sauce in providing best-fit cloud recommendations and cloud business optimization.

There are two key segments which show traction in: the first is solution providers/System Integrators and the second is large (F1000) enterprises. The large solution providers are seeing that cloud is disrupting their business model because their customers can go directly to cloud providers. In order to remain relevant, these solution providers need to become cloud brokers and so they turn to companies like Gravitant to help enable them. In a similar manner, enterprise IT is seeing that the business units they normally support are going around them to the cloud (shadow IT) and they want a solution that enables them to provide oversight but still maintain agility.

A large U.S. State Government has licensed Gravitant’s cloudMatrix to provide a multi-vendor sourcing and procurement platform that allows state agencies find the best fit and lowest cost cloud providers. The platform has delivered significant procurement cost savings as well as agility in meeting the IT needs of the agencies.

A $13B revenue global systems integrator (GSI) has licensed cloudMatrix as the basis of their international cloud platform. cloudMatrix enables this GSI to become a cloud services broker and act as the gateway to the cloud for their customers. Now, this GSI can attach a range of enhanced management services to their customers around cloud consumption.

A medium $200M managed service provider (MSP) has licensed Gravitant’s cloudMatrix to provide next generation cloud services to their customers. cloudMatrix provides a “cloud practice in a box” to this MSP getting them up and running with a cloud practice in a matter of weeks. This MSP now has new revenue streams associated with cloud planning.

Any client looking for services providers to help with software, consulting, implementation, and support, then there are many reasons to choose Gravitant as a partner. First, they have extensive experience and best practices that get captured in their software tool set. Secondly they provide a comprehensive solution starting with cloud planning all the way to cloud management. And thirdly they deliver software in a very easy to use SaaS model.

The good news is that the market is growing extremely fast and Gravitant intend to ride that wave, they are in growth mode. Customer acquisition over the next couple of years – both domestic and international, is the focus.

Gravitant’s success has to primarily do with the way their personnel buys into the vision they have – this is further enhanced when the top talent is hired to contribute to and complete the vision. Gravitant takes flexibility in market seriously and is very solicitous to the customer’s needs and viewpoints. In a rapidly emerging market, the right answer of today may change entirely in six months.

Gravitant stays excited about innovative ways of doing IT, and their customers share this excitement because they also want to move to a new IT model that is highly agile when compared to the current slow- ticket request model. Continuous innovations have perfected their product till date, and new enhancements that radically simplify the cloud experience for customers are expected to be announced sometime at the beginning of 2015.


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