GoodData Corporation: Distributing Analytics at Scale to Help Organizations Unlock the Value of their Data.

Top companies today have begun realizing that data- driven decision making has the potential to optimize business and create new revenue streams. This is where GoodData comes into the picture. The company has been actively involved in enabling its customers to have a single central location to collect, analyze and collaborate on data to drive impact, new revenue streams, and profit. Client organizations are assisted in blending their legacy structured data warehouses, with their big data investments for handling unstructured data as well as the plethora of social and behavioural cloud data to create externally facing, personalized data products for customers, affiliates, partners, and suppliers.

The flexibility exhibited by the GoodData platform is key to any big data analytics strategy considering the high frequency of change among new and existing data sources. This comes in handy when considering the following cases:

  • When programmatic marketing networks need to process immense amounts of advertising network activity, they utilize the scalability of the GoodData platform. One such customer is processing up to 30 TB in the GoodData platform.
  • Proper sales pipeline analytics requires data snapshotting-capturing and retaining interval-based data cohorts over time. This can be easily managed using Hadoop.
  • Expansion of unstructured data into structured data for loyalty programs.
  • Zendesk, a cloud-based customer support application, is providing analytics to over 15,000 customers, powered by GoodData–demonstrating the platform’s user scalability.

While working on big data, GoodData makes it a point to ensure that most of the common challenges are nipped in the bud. These challenges often include limited understanding for how to aggregate and logically connect disparate big data sets together, limited awareness around the opportunity to monetize big data analytics out to franchises, partners and suppliers, scalability of a platform to handle the aggregation of big and small data, and unknown cost of ownership over time resulting in a resistance to invest in big data infrastructure, to name a few.

GoodData boasts of an impressive clientele that has benefited from their services. One such company is MediGain, a full-service revenue cycle management company, providing IT solutions and professional services to medical practices, clinics, hospitals and other specialty providers to help them navigate an increasingly complex reimbursement environment. In 2012, following a fresh acquisition, when it was time to evaluate their business strategies, MediGain knew it was time to make some changes. Similarly, Discovery Communications, the world’s number 1 pay-TV programmer reaching nearly three billion cumulative subscribers in more than 220 countries and territories, was managing an unsustainable model of digital analytics reporting. It was then that the company began its quest for an analytics partner with the capabilities, scale and expertise needed to unite their many disparate data sources into a single view, allowing the team to spend less time on reporting and more time delivering insights across platforms and channels.

So what attracts customers to GoodData? GoodData’s platform enables an intuitive experience for all users who want to be self-sufficient, without requiring them to utilize code or queries.

GoodData’s prospects are bright in the coming years. The team has already expanded beyond the domain of IT experts to that of business. The strong point that drives their business model is the elimination of complexities found in managing analytical technology, as well as overseeing everyday data management tasks such as ingestion, integration, and cleansing.


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