Fybr: Delivering a Complete Design-Build-Operate IoT Platform

As you may already know, the Internet of Things (IoT) delivers sensing and monitoring of countless elements related to our modern-day lives. This includes medical data, personal fitness, home thermostats, city storm drain levels, soil moisture, traffic congestion and road conditions. In order to create an IoT system, highly efficient and accurate sensing devices are required. They are the means by which the system collects data and communicates with both the network and the device management system that processes the collected data. In places where the Internet is readily available – such as home or business environments – sensors are able to easily communicate. However, devices that fall on the edge of available network connectivity pose a real challenge. And this is exactly where Fybr delivers.

The team at Fybr has spent a total of 3 years and 9 million USD solving some of the toughest problems facing the Internet of Things era. This includes the challenge of managing throughput, connection/transmission reliability, and power utilization in cities with the most harsh RF environments. Another challenge was developing a single-source solution. Under normal circumstances in the IoT space, multiple vendors have to be approached in order to build a deployable solution. However, Fybr addressed this concern by providing a full suite of services – from design, to build and operate – for a complete IoT system.

Fybr’s initial focus was in the area of smart parking. Their solution is an end-to-end offering of patented state-of-the-art parking sensors, wireless data gathering and data transmission gateways, enterprise-class messaging and storage systems, web-based management dashboards and mobile apps. These components work together to deliver real-time parking information and insights that can lead to huge community improvements in areas such as traffic management, reduced congestion and emissions, more efficient parking for drivers, and fairer law enforcement. Over the past couple of years, Fybr has concentrated on establishing the reliability and scalability of their smart parking solution. They’ve also expanded beyond parking with FybrLynk and now virtually any low-power sensing device can be connected to the network.

Fybr’s new focus is on utilities, Smart Cities and agriculture. The company aims to deliver an easy to use, fully-integrated, secure IoT platform with great customer service.


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