Faltcom: Paving their own way in the world of IOT

With an illustrious clientele such as Volvo Cars, The Transport Administration and GE Security, it is hard to overlook Fältcom in the world of IOT. The company, which was set up way back in 1998, today has about 30,000 active units of their hardware online throughout the world. Though most of them are concentrated on vehicles belonging to Public Transportation, they also have hardware units installed in buildings, elevators, and roadside cameras, just to name a few.

The cost of implementation is what Fältcom Communications believes to be the primary problem when it comes to IOT. To resolve this, the company doesn’t connect one item at a time to the internet. Instead, they create a platform that can connect everything in the client’s environment.

This allows them, as well as the client, to install a hardware just once, and just add functions with very limited resources at their disposal. The company boasts of cases wherein they have over 20 apps running on a single unit of hardware – a bus in southern Sweden to be more specific.

The open platform that Fältcom works on has invited third party developers to develop applications and functions without really any help from the company. This has helped the platform grow in terms of functionality. In addition to this, the company also supports its solution by developing new features and apps on a regular basis. The idea of developing a platform instead of a service is what the company believes has set it apart from its competitors, who have to install new hardware, or develop new software if the client requires adding another function.

Fältcom’s solution only requires the client to only install the app or add an external unit to the already installed hardware since it is a platform with multiple functions built into it. In case there isn’t an app that is compatible with what functionality the client requires, then either Fältcom or a third party only needs to create one. With the strongest encryption available on all data traffic, and a host of security functions installed, security of data is also one of Fältcom’s key highlights.

One of the best examples that can be spoken of to illustrate Fältcom’s open platform is the solution installed on one of Nordic’s largest public transportation companies. The buses belonging to this transportation company have an app installed on them that helps the driver drive in a more eco-friendly manner. This has helped the company save about 10% in terms of gas expenses every year. And as a bonus, the open platform also allows the client, or a third-party developer, to make an app and install it on the device. Hence, in addition to the eco-driving function, there are multiple other functions, such as camera surveillance, ticket administration, passenger count, voice communication and digital signs, installed on the same platform.

In 2014, Fältcom recorded a growth rate of 70%. At this rate, the company will be easily capable of adding a new market or two every year, thereby helping it achieve its objective of becoming a global player in the near future. As for its current status, the company opened its first British office last year, and is well on its way to opening its first branches in the United States and France this year. With about 50% of its staff involved in R&D in some way or the other, the company focuses on developing its platform and apps as the industry matures.


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