Exosite: Acutely Focused On Ensuring Security, Scalability, And Accessibility

Since Exosite’s founding, its vision has been to connect every device in the world in a way that matters to people. Connectivity for connectivity’s sake is useless without the analytics, business rules, and big data capabilities to draw actionable intelligence from that data. However, securely connecting devices, making use of collected data, and anticipating user needs in an IoT system is difficult even with small-scale deployments, let alone with tens of thousands of devices across different product lines and varying user profiles.

Exosite helps minimize the pain associated with this process by addressing issues like device connectivity, communication protocols and stream analytics, data visualization, and overall fleet management of connected products.

Exosite’s enterprise-ready products and services significantly reduce the complexity, time, and investment associated with bringing an IoT solution to market.

Companies adopting IoT technology as part of their product roadmap and strategy are introducing a new type of enterprise software to their overall portfolio, one that extends outside of their four walls and into the hands of many different customers and users. As a result, security, scalability, and accessibility are core tenants of an enterprise-ready IoT application software platform, and Exosite is acutely focused on ensuring its products address these better than any solution on the market.

Exosite’s One Platform™ is a multi-tenant,IoT application software platform that handles data aggregation and processing. The Exosite Portals™ web application helps quickly visualize data, manage device fleets, apply firmware upgrades, and manage users and groups. Exosite’s Business Platform supports customization and monetization with custom domain opportunities, multi-solution management options, and end-user payment capabilities. Exosite’s Activator SDK™ and embedded software provide commercial-grade embedded code to connect partner silicon to the Exosite One Platform. In addition, Exosite products are backed by dedicated professional and support services teams that can augment customer capabilities with embedded software, platform, and UI/UX services, as well as product development and IoT strategy consulting.

According to Hans Rempel, CEO and Co-Founder of Exosite, the company has seen traction with manufacturers of durable goods in many segments, including home automation, mobile assets, building automation, and the industrial Internet. “Exosite has done incredibly well in the commercial and industrial space, enabling the IoT generation of business for global companies such as Parker Hannifin, KONE Elevator, Quarq, Victor Pest, and Verizon,” said Hans. As proof of this success, Exosite recently announced a significant equity investment from Parker Hannifin that will expand the existing partnership between the two organizations and provide capital to accelerate Exosite’s global expansion plans. “By combining our IoT products and partnerships with Parker Hannifin’s established motion and control technologies, we are well positioned to lead the deployment of cost-saving and revenue-generating IoT solutions for OEMs in a variety of market segments”, said Hans.

In order to stay relevant, Exosite goes beyond simply providing software by bringing its in-depth knowledge of the IoT space and connected product development process to every customer engagement. Exosite is able to serve customers as a trusted technology advisor, anticipate their pain points, and help them capture value in the market.As the marketplace evolves, Exosite will continue to focus on making real-world data matter to people so that businesses can connect their products to create economic leverage.


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