evolve24, LLC: Helping Firms Make Decisions Based on Consumer Behavior

evolve24 helps companies harness big data to make smart market decisions. The firm identifies emotional and behavioral responses to new ideas and trends to help companies measure, inform and predict their marketing success.

As it unveils its new Evolution Platform product suite, designed to facilitate real-time decision making through powerful behavioral analytics, evolve24 reflects on the past ten years of research and development that have helped a multitude of data-driven enterprises make confident business decisions.

The organization has successfully overcome several hurdles that big data analytics and insights companies face, including the tremendous need for more insights, lack of knowledge on data integration best practices, overwhelming amounts of data and conflicting perspectives, to name a few.

How does evolve24 go about setting the standards as one of the leading organizations in the field of big data analytics? It collects nearly a billion consumer insights a day, in real time. evolve24 then applies a series of proprietary analytics designed to identify emerging risks, potential opportunities and brand performance impact. These topics or issues are broken down in terms of demographics and affinities in order to identify what will matter most to any particular audience at any point in time.

evolve24 answers difficult business problems for a wide variety of clients.

  • A durable goods firm found that evolve24’s consumer insights collected from their target audience can forecast month-by-month sales performance with impressive 90% accuracy. This in turn translates to better allocation of capital and marketing dollars.
  • For a global automotive firm, perceptions of their vehicles versus their global competitors are tracked to ensure that their communication strategies address the changing needs of its target audience.
  • For a global CPG food company, evolve24’s work is purely predictive analysis-based. This organization monitors emerging trends globally to identify which products are most likely to be successful over the next 2-3 years.

evolve24 helps large organizations better understand the behaviors and emotional response of their target audiences, globally, so companies can measure the success of their campaigns and initiatives, inform their brand strategy, and forecast new opportunities and risks.

evolve24’s secret to success is their ability to quickly adapt to the ever-changing market, and use big data to understand trends and consumer insights. evolve24 aims to capitalize on the ability to bring in more data, analyse more data, and provide more insights from that data than ever before.


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