Elixir Technologies & Tango+

With the 2015 release of Tango+, Elixir has emerged as a pioneer, again. Tango+ is the first communication and content management system engineered for the cloud; and SaaS pricing makes it affordable for more customers.

According to Elixir CEO Basit Hamid, other vendors are “still building web services atop legacy cores and claiming to be Cloud and SaaS.” Tango+ has all the power of its legacy forebears, without the IT costs of an on-premise installation.

Tango+ is the latest Hamid-sponsored breakthrough. He also co-founded Intran – creator of the first WYSYWYG station (graphical interface) – for first generation Xerox laser printers. He then went on to found Elixir, in 1985, and smartly continued to focus on building applications to enable new printing technology.

Currently, Elixir has several Tango+ projects in partnership with Fuji Xerox, including a multi-phase engagement with Manulife, a global life insurance brand. Before Manulife Shanghai’s VP of Operations saw Tango+, she had selected another vendor; but Tango+ sleek user interface won her over and she decided on the spot to change vendors, opting to go with Tango+ and Elixir.

Elixir further impressed Manulife with a lightning fast deployment. In Phase I, Elixir successfully integrated Tango+ with China’s WeChat [social media] to deliver completed and digitally signed e-policies in under thirty seconds.

Tango+ automation did better than expected. Today, Manulife delivers e-policies in an average of eleven seconds. The unprecedented success has made Elixir, Manulife’s new “vendor of choice” for such workflow remodels.

The Manulife Project exemplifies Elixir’s approach to variable business correspondence, which embodies both Software and Service. On the software side, Tango+ intuitive interface, customizable user access and workflows, and its elastic capacity to integrate offers nontechnical teams the opportunity to manage their own work, without draining IT resources. Tango+ solutions are always backed-up by Elixir Service upfront, and ongoing support. Software with real time Service and Support – an interpretation of SaaS for industries with unique and complex workflows and challenges.

Tango+ is configurable for any amount of control of assets and access, which, combined with comprehensive tracking, reporting, and auditing features, means it is suited for highly regulated industries. Tango+ workflows can be designed to comply with specific regulations and governing authorities. User access is multi-level Verified and highly configurable, and can relate directly to content and data pieces to ensure compliance and bolster security.

Content pieces and fields can be turned on and off relative to specific users and/or workflows. Master Templates support several versions of output using layers of business logic, while inline rules let authors weave logic into content, as they work.

Tango+ process automation significantly speeds up time to market, while decreasing human errors and downtime. SaaS low cost of entry, subscription pricing, and ease of use will appeal to decision makers, who are always on the lookout for ROI. Once a workflow is set-up and business teams are able to manage their own work, Elixir service experts retreat, and the full Tango+ ROI can be realized.

Elixir’s decade of hard work has come to fruition with Tango+. As is usual, Hamid heaps the gratitude on others. Elixir’s Agile Project Management coach and mentor, Dr. Rashed Iqbal, had it right, says Hamid, “the plan is nothing; the planning is everything!” Elixir’s Agility is embodied by a dexterous Tango+.

For more information on elixir and Tango+, please visit www.elixir.com.


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