eInfochips : Providing Custom Solutions with Better Scalability and ROI

Current trends in IoT proliferation across different verticals are being tempered by challenges that enterprises face while adopting IoT, observes Pratul Shroff , the Founder & CEO of eInfochips.

eInfochips offers – a unique IoT framework, built on Open Source components that helps product companies and SMEs design Next-Gen smart solutions. The framework supports IoT development through edge computing, gateway modules and software solutions. The framework also supports Distributed Intelligence through edge computing – enabled through its Qualcomm Snapdragon based Eragon System on Modules (SOM).

At eInfochips, they address the following market challenges through their IoT offerings. Integrating a variety of Technologies

Lack of Maturity in the market: The lack of full scale maturity in the market often hampers the concept to reality cycle. eInfochips with a full scale maturity from Sensor Integration to Cloud Deployment to Analytics and to Sensor feedback is well positioned to provide end-to-end capability in IoT.

Single purpose box solutions hampering unique customer requirements: eInfochips has sensed the market need for purpose-built solutions and has accordingly designed its IoT offerings using Open Source components to help product companies and enterprises to customize their requirements to user needs, even while providing better ROI.

Lack of ability to extract the real value from Connected devices: IoT-enabled organizations have to deal with the large, sudden volumes of data generation (most of which is of no value). eInfochips’ edge computing capabilities enable conversion of large data volumes into normalized, useful bits.

eInfochip’s gateway solutions, also built on Qualcomm-based Snapdragon series, allows multiple sensor interfaces, power inputs, and flexible configuration for diverse applications. Finally, their software systems comprise a complete IoT software stack built on Open source platforms that support Big Data Analytics for decision-making and mobile enablement options for end user access.

eInfochips’ typical service offerings include board design for interface/daughter cards, system software, sensor integration and testing, client /server application development, cloud deployment, Mobile Enablement, and BI and Analytics reporting.

eInfochips’ framework is built primarily on Open source components and hence can provide custom solutions with better scalability and ROI for their clients. The framework supports seamless integration between embedded development, cloud and big data analytics.

The growing adoption of the “Internet of Things” has facilitated the development of solutions for different verticals like industrial automation, transport, Consumer, Healthcare, Retail. The Internet of Things will drive new consumer and business behavior that will demand increasingly intelligent industry solutions by tapping into large volumes of data.

“At eInfochips, we are witnessing increased traction in full process automation of IoT products with the integration of analytics and intelligence. This will extend the solutions capability from data capturing/ monitoring to data processing for making intelligent decision and control,” says Pratul.

The organization works with both large clients and new age product companies to engineer innovative solutions for their market needs. Some of the prestigious clientele for eInfochips include Rockwell Collins, Kroger, Toshiba etc.

Elaborating a case study that brought benefits to one of its client, Praful explains,
In healthcare, we have developed an intelligent drug dispenser for one of the largest generics and speciality pharmaceutical company in the world”.

The prescription drug is dispensed from the machine after a remote video analysis of the patient, through the detachable camera, by the physician. Integration with physician apps and video analytics ensures remote prescriptions and medicine dispensation. In security and surveillance, eInfochips has helped in the development of smart kiosks, which includes digital display for in-sight driven programmed advertising, 24/7 free Wi-Fi, integrated lighting, tablets with touchscreen display, speaker A/V free calling.

eInfochips’ current roadmap focuses on key verticals such as energy and utilities, healthcare, retail, semiconductors and ISVs.


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