eAgile Inc.: Unleashing the Full Potential of IoT for Diverse Enterprises

By Gary Burns, CEO and co-founder, eAgile

Organizations from industry verticals, such as healthcare, logistics, and manufacturing, often have to deal with thousands of items on a daily basis. Now this presents multiple challenges with respect to supply chain, security, or even monitoring. One of the more common challenges is obtaining item-level intelligence for specific products with minimal impact on the processes related to manufacturing, logistics, or application.

In this scenario, eAgile enables enterprises to leverage innovative IoT solutions that address issues, right from item-level data collection to ERP integration. The company offers cutting-edge RFID solutions that work well in both B2B and B2C environments. It specializes in creating custom applications where off-the-shelf solutions may fall short or simply do not exist.

Gary Burns, the CEO and co-founder of eAgile, has more than 25 years of international management experience, including private and public sector projects. Some of his noteworthy projects include Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Concourse and Europe’s largest mail processing facility at Heathrow.

Gary comes with extensive Fortune 400 corporate leadership experience; he has served as an executive at organizations like Siemens and Avery Dennison. In the last eight years, Gary has led or managed many companies in the RFID space. Also, he has been awarded many international patents for his work in the areas of RFID, robotics, and automation.

Business Offerings and Impact

eAgile has a broad range of IoT offerings for varied industry applications. The company has expertise not only in the development of custom hardware and software but also in complex processes pertinent to systems integration.

eAgile’s main focus is on bringing IOT solutions to the healthcare marketplace by providing item-level authentication for medications.

International standards and collaborations brought about by industry groups, such as RAIN, AIM, and GS1, have helped eAgile bring its solutions to various regions across the globe. These collaborations facilitate the implementation of IOT applications, which can be developed and deployed at the customer’s site and maintained from centralized offices.
Brands dealing with pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products required an intelligent packaging solution to put an end to counterfeiting and product tampering. After about five years of development, eAgile introduced its patented RFID solution – eSeal – to address various security issues pertaining to the said products. eSeal is a smart packing system based on IoT technology.

The eSeal system is designed to fit into the caps and closures of the products with minimal disruption to the manufacturing and distribution processes. eSeal, complemented with eAgile’s custom hardware and software solutions, has brought IOT visibility to more than two million moving items. Watch eSeal in action and learn about its various benefits here.

Technology Outlook and Differentiating Factors

eAgile has always promoted a work environment where intellectual curiosity and novel ideas are encouraged at both individual and team levels. Doing so not only helps the employees keep abreast of emerging technologies but also creates a scope for disruptive innovation.

One of the primary goals of eAgile is to continue bringing highly customized and scalable IoT solutions to its diverse and expanding customer base. With most industry verticals witnessing rapid advances in technology, eAgile takes pride in delivering cutting-edge tech solutions to its clients.

eAgile is a pioneer in item-level intelligence. The company excels not only in creating B2B or machine-to-machine connections but also in using IOT to establish B2C connections. It is the first company to integrate two key RFID technologies, thus allowing for not only a secure supply chain for brand owners but also a direct connection between consumers and their smart devices or “things”. eAgile has, therefore, pioneered an unprecedented Consumer to Thing (C2T) connection. This connection enables people to communicate directly with the “things” of IOT, thus closing all the information gaps.

Impact on the Healthcare Industry

eAgile’s main focus is on bringing IOT solutions to the healthcare marketplace by providing item-level authentication for medications. The benefits of these solutions apply to both healthcare providers and patients.

The company’s innovative IoT solutions enable healthcare providers to gain full visibility of medical inventories. This visibility helps in ensuring that medicines with earlier expirations are used first, critical inventories are kept at target levels, and pharmaceuticals are verified before dosing. Therefore, patients receive a higher standard of care. Moreover, the solutions help in minimizing medical errors which, according to studies performed by John Hopkins, is the third leading cause of death in the US.

Achievements and Accolades

eAgile, since its inception, has earned international recognition for its unique culture and excellence in innovation. The company won a top industry award for RFID design and performance in 2006. Thereafter eAgile was awarded numerous domestic and international patents in item-level intelligence and smart packaging.

Passion for innovation has led eAgile to invest in their facilities, including a European sales office and a state-of-the-art test and demonstration center. The company has become one of the very few vertically integrated providers that can handle both RFID tag design and production. Further, it excels at developing the hardware and software solutions required for completing the information backbone of an IOT solution.

Future Goals

eAgile has the tagline – RFID Made Easy – which seems more than accurate, to say the least. The company guides its customers on unleashing the full potential of IoT with respect to various applications. It helps its clients create an appropriate framework or roadmap to maximize the benefits of IoT.

In the coming years, eAgile aims to continue expanding the application of IOT in the healthcare market, where immediate benefits could be gained. The company believes that enabling healthcare providers and patients to access relevant and timely information will improve the quality of care received.

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