DunAn Sensing: Accurate, Durable, and Affordable

DunAn Sensing is a world-class company with innovation in MEMS pressure sensors assembly technology. With such a high level of technology under the DURAsense brand, they are able to offer a top-notch performance of the silicon sensors. This is in terms of reliability, stability, and accuracy. Besides this, DunAn also offers media and harsh environment compatibility without laser welds or oil filled packaging, which are always employed by most competitors to aid in the protection of element sensing. To ensure performance, quality and reliable services, their team is managed by a professional expert with over 25-year of industry experience. Tom is experienced in different areas like business development, engineering, and operations in the semiconductor and MEMS industry.

At DunAn, they offer a wide range of pressure sensors for all types of refrigerants used in the industrial, residential, and commercial Refrigeration/HVAC. DunAn’s other main targets are automotive A/C and oils, especially for the automatic transmission. They also offer vacuum sensors for EV brake lines. Since no vacuum is available from an internal combustion engine, brake vacuum must be generated by a pump which is activated by the DunAn sensor as needed to maintain brake performance. With the aid of their professional expert, Tom, DunAn now has a great plan for the future. They plan to provide the best multi-sensor solutions for great comfort and indoor air quality monitoring. At DunAn, they are always differentiated from their competitors because of their accuracy, affordability, and durability just as summarized in their brand name DURAsense.

DunAn’s excellent services have greatly aided their customers in improving their energy efficiency

Benefits for the clients
DunAn aims to fully satisfy their clients’ need. To ensure this, they deliver the industry best performing pressure sensors, enabling for a better control of the refrigeration loop. This leads to a significantly enhanced energy efficiency. This is because they offer the top-rated SEER products, where all their manufacturers are now trying to get a high efficiency of energy and for the electric vehicles. These are just, but some of the umpteen benefits that all their customers enjoy.

Innovative cultural practices
At DunAn, they look forward to every member of their team to feel respected, empowered, and encouraged. With this, they believe that they will always continue to innovate and keep bringing something new to the market. DunAn Sensing is now part of the $8B DunAn International group but retains its unique small start-up spirit and culture.

Major achievements
Despite being only two and half years old, DunAn has already been able to bring significant innovation to the industry. They have been able to invent, develop, and market beyond the expectations of all their clients. They leverage the talent of their great team in Silicon Valley and in Hangzhou, China. They are now in volume production and at the advanced stages of qualifying with key customers in automotive and HVAC-R. DunAn also has more and higher expectations to enhance their services in the near future.

In order to go beyond the borders, DunAn still continues to innovate. They have the best and most experienced team that is very active in the industry and academia, participating in conferences all over the world.

The company also has great plans for 2017 as they look forward to ramping their level of production. Due to the high level of technology and a great team of experts, they are very confident that all their products will thrive and continue to enjoy world-wide acceptance. With this, the company will be able to achieve the best in their target markets like HVAC-R and other key demanding areas of applications in harsh environment.



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