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The greatest challenge in the fiber optic sensor market is the ability to retain and analyze the data. Too often, the data is only leveraged real-time and then discarded losing forever the opportunity to discover process improvement or risk avoidance related to flow rates, leak detection, and maintenance costs. There are three challenges that must be tackled to unlock the value of this data. The complexity of data processing, velocity/volume of the data and relatively new platform requirements of Big Data environments.

Decision Rocket has developed proprietary fiber optic data processing engine, which can process Petabytes of acoustic data from fiber optic sensors along with the typical DTS data. DAS X-trakt solves the huge challenge of transfer, process and extraction of valuable insights of large volumes of fiber optic acoustic data.

Fiber Optic Sensors are used in Oil and Gas pipeline monitoring, Oil and Gas Well monitoring, Powerline monitoring, Dam monitoring, Bridge and Building monitoring, Border Security monitoring, Highway Safety monitoring etc. Fiber Optic cable acts as array of sensors and measurement can be done along the entire length of cable. Fiber Optic Sensors in distributed mode has sufficient sensitivity to undertake: Strain Distribution, Acceleration, Vibration Frequency, Spatial Mode, Pressure, Temperature and Elongation Measurement. Fiber Optic Sensors are extremely small and light weight and serve the dual role of sensor and pathway for the signal.

Decision Rocket has developed software product DAS X-trakt ™ to process acoustic data generated by Fiber Optic Sensor in distributed mode, known as Distributed Acoustic Sensor. Acoustic energy can be generated by a wide range of events, from a leak in a pipe line to footsteps, vehicles, cutting of a cable, lifting a manhole cover or removing a cover from a cable duct. Each of these events has a unique acoustic footprint that is recognized by the reading unit. Real time monitoring of fiber optics sensors requires Peta scale data processing platform and data processing engine.Decision Rocket offers specially architected, highly scalable platform and processing engine designed using advanced Big Data technologies.

Decision Rocket has designed the DAS X-trakt™ product to be deployed as a service for it’s potential users allowing:

Data Complexity – Fiber Optic Sensors generated data can be transferred, processed and values can be extracted irrespective of the volume of the data. DAS X-trakt™ is highly scalable, can scale to several Petabytes as needed.

Velocity/Volume – Decision Rocket has built an end to end platform around the usage patterns for Oil and Gas customers which require end points such as those for DAS monitors to burst to 10s of Terabytes a day per node. This usage pattern is specific to these types of deployments.

Platform – In order to unlock the value of this data the big data platform must be built, users must be trained, and the environment maintained. The Decision Rocket business model allows a customer to get from POC to full value in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the upfront expense.

Oral Fredric is the Founder and CEO of Decision Rocket ( He has been in IT industry for past 20 years, worked with hundreds of enterprise clients while employed with large IT companies.

Oral Fredric’s leadership with Decision Rocket is poised to reshape the Big Data landscape within the Oil and Gas industry.


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