DataMetica Solutions, Inc: Turning Information into Powerful Business Results

Dr. Phil Shelley, President, DataMetica Solutions
Dr. Phil Shelley, President, DataMetica Solutions

The leading trends of Big Data and Advanced Analytics is a moving target today. Now people iterate and drive solutions in a matter of months or weeks. And while the technology options are constantly changing, waiting simply isn’t an option. In order to generate actionable insights, enterprises need to understand the potential capabilities of the modern Big Data Processing platforms. DataMetica Solutions Incorporated brings in the experience and the skills necessary to discover the value proposition in data and have championed the art of treating it so as to make it constructive and astute for strategic decision making. The innovative team at DataMetica is led by Dr. Phil Shelley, Co-Founder and President.

With a laser sharp focus on technology, DataMetica solves complex problems for its vast network of Fortune 500 clients using NextGen generation technologies. Their wide array of capabilities include organizational, process and operational aspects of an Enterprise Data Hub/Lake (EDH), Modern Data Platform, Analytics and Deep learning (Data Science).

DataMetica has outlined a concrete set of service offerings with a vision of success fueled by innovation and value creation. The service offerings categories are Advisory Services, Platform Services, Professional Services and Support Services backed by industry-proven methodology for deliverables and quality control.

DataMetica is also investing in a number of ‘first-of-its-kind’ Products to target niche markets for distinguished produce with the aim to establish a responsive innovation system for their clientsto deliver flexibility and speed.

A key product of DataMetica is eCat. It is a comprehensive tool that facilitates all activities related to Enterprise Metadata Management activities, Platform Statistics and Data Profiling. The key benefits of eCat are scalable connectivity, adaptability to all Hadoop distributions, metadata Engineering and bird’s-eye view of the platform.

The team at DataMetica is confident that they have the scale, expertise, experience, flexibility and cultural alignment to better understand the overall business, analytics and data management imperatives than their competitors. The critical success factors that differentiates DataMetica are Big Data Production Experience spanning over half a decade, Result-driven technology thought leadership and innovation in all facets of data management, Centralized pool of High-Caliber Workforce to constantly funnel client requirements and Big Data Center of Excellence (CoE) for reducing time-to-market and increasing ROI.

The CoE at DataMetica offers a blend of value creation, automation and process orchestration. It incorporates best practices in Analytics, personalization and team collaboration. It has a strong repository of Standardized and “Ready to deploy” models and frameworks for delivery of high quality application services to the customers.

DataMetica has clients across industries such as Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail, Telecommunications, Manufacturing and Logistics. DataMetica clients are typically larger Fortune 500 companies with distinguished track records in key sectors.

DataMetica has built a culture attuned to anticipating and understanding their customers’ needs and bringing in value adds at every step of the relationship.One such client relationship is with a US Retail Giant. They needed to be information-driven and proactive. A quick-acting cart abandonment and browse abandonment solution was the answer. To capture this opportunity and to get ahead, they needed a method and solution for browse and cart abandon scenarios which involved complex analytics of web activity. DataMetica built a solution to introduce quick-response and re-targeting of customers who browsed on-line but chose to exit the website without shopping. The solution identified a particular customer’s activities across log-ins, created session views of their activity and sent personalized timely email using advanced analytics.

Moving forward, DataMetica will continue to invest in deepening their industry-specific organizational capabilities and delivery excellence. They have built a road-map of working in close partnership with Fortune 500 clients to make their business stronger, more productive, more profitable, more capable of capturing market opportunities and thus more valuable. They are constantly reinventing their growth, differentiation and competitive strategies to capture market share and expand channels.


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