DataMetica : Helping Enterprises To Achieve A Zero-glitches Transition

Big Data is the ‘smart’ answer to managing the data problems. If implemented in the right way Big Data is a technology that can turn a company around for the better.

Each company should have its own unique approach to implementing their Big Data plan. DataMetica helps organizations to convert data into an intelligent business support system and take strategic decisions impacting business growth. The team is led by Dr Phil Shelley, and Rajiv Gupta, both of whom come from strong background of leading analytics for Fortune 500 companies.

“We were in it before the hype started,” says Dr. Phil Shelley. The people at DataMetica come from extensive Big Data production operations backgrounds, having witnessed the start and growth of this technology over years. The firm brings their deep experience working with Hadoop and NoSQL software to help companies that want to deploy Big Data analytics. The company’s success is entirely due to their considerable experience, plus an ability to customize and deliver the best solution for each Big Data client.

DataMetica helped a large healthcare analytics company to identify the right mix of technologies for a Next Generation Platform for their analytics.

We are providing ongoing support to their Hadoop cluster, working to achieve a zero-glitches transition,” says Shelley.

DataMetica carries out Big Data solutions in a phased manner, guaranteeing all-around efficiencies. One of company’s customers, BSE (a very large financial Institution in Asia), came to them in the midst of evaluating a Big Data solution. The prohibitive costs of the legacy system were not the only consideration, but BSE’s size and scale of operations combined with the volumes of data that it had to handle every day, posed major challenges. They had to consolidate information from multiple data sources into a robust and scalable repository (Enterprise Data Hub) with the ability to perform complex analyses and high-performance computations, doing so in a cost-effective solution.

“BSE is enjoying the scalability that comes with Hadoop. We can now run queries and complex analysis that feeds on detailed granular data spanning multiple years,” says Mr. Dulal Mali, General Manager, and Operations at BSE.

A large US logistics company was constrained as their complex pricing algorithms took too long to run. Datametica implemented a cloud based Big Data solution which improved performance multi-fold. Migrating the compute to Big Data gave them unimaginable cost benefits, and greater flexibility.

Experience and expertise, these are the two factors that help the company to stay ahead of their competitors.

The sound basic knowledge and indigenously developed frameworks and solutions, involvement in latest developments in Big Data technologies are some of the major factors that help the company to stay current, and serve their customers better.

We were heartened when our client Bombay Stock Exchange was awarded the NetApp- BW| Business World Innovation Award in the Big Data Innovation category. Our real sense of achievement comes from seeing our solution not just working, but actually benefiting our clients,” concludes Shelley.


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