Data Deposit Box: OfferingUnique Cloud Backup Products And Features.

“The first obvious thing that I’d point out about the cloud computing landscape is that it is a lot bigger than when we first started in 2002. When we first started the “cloud” wasn’t even called the “cloud” which always amuses me,” said Tim Jewell, the founder and CEO of Data Deposit Box.

Headquartered in Toronto, Data Deposit Box offers the market unique cloud backup products and features. Data Deposit Box has been a cloud backup provider to the global market for over 10 years.

Data Deposit Box offers the market a distinct consumer “client” product and a SMB “server” product that empowers Data Deposit Box to identify, engage with, and grow significantly in the SMB markets globally. Both products are designed to scale rapidly with low fixed cost. The company stays ahead by evaluating the latest and greatest trends by their development team.

Data Deposit Box approaches the market in a different way. They offer three different backup clients (DDB PC, DDB Server & DDB Mac) and mobile apps (IOS & Android backup apps) each that address a different segment of a market or office.

They have improved countless companies speed of backups and by allowing them to meet their restore time objectives, but Kinetic’s true purpose is to protect their data and make it accessible in a time of need.

Case Study
NuEnergy Technologies is a developer and manufacturer of sustainable energy sources.

With KineticCloud Backup, NuEnergy ensured that their corporate data is being stored securely and offsite. With the free built-in KineticCloud Remote desktop feature, NuEnergy’s mobile workforce is able to access their work computers while travelling. The automated technology used by KineticCloud Backup reduces the laborious administrative task of performing manual backups, giving NuEnergy the peace of mind that they are disaster-ready

Data Deposit Box’s products are specifically aligned to the small-to-medium business market, providing enterprise class backups (able to backup VMWARE, V-Sphere, SQL, Exchange, Mapped Drives/NAS devices) at a small business price.

“The best way to stay current is to listen to your customers. We at DDB have always been very keen to talk to our customers” said Tim.

In 2014 Data Deposit Box, 2014 focused on their core competencies and progressing their position as the most reliable SMB and Consumer online cloud backup provider in the industry. During the first quarter they focused on stability within their product offerings.“In 2014 we launched a new Marketing site, a new Online portal, a new “Resellers” portal, a new annual pricing structure and (most importantly) a newer and more innovative ‘Server’ and ‘PC Continuous Client’; all aimed at growing our core business,” concluded Tim.


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