Daintree Networks: At the forefront of Enterprise Internet of Things

Daintree Networks’ ControlScope® solves some of the Enterprise Internet of Things™ industry’s toughest problems by eliminating wiring and using open standards—which allows broader and more granular control of devices, reduces costs, simplifies implementation, and enhances operational efficiencies. Derek Proudian is the Chairman and CEO of Daintree Networks, Inc.

The ControlScope® wireless building control and energy management solution delivers tremendous energy savings for commercial buildings, which continue over the life of the building. The solution provides full-featured controls at a fraction of the cost and complexity of wired systems, choice of open-standards, interoperable controls products from trusted suppliers, advanced, enterprise-wide energy management strategies and the platform that provides the foundation for the Enterprise Internet of Things™ (E-IoT™) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications.

Daintree Networks’ integrated solutions help facility, operations, energy and sustainability professionals achieve up to 70% energy savings, enhance operational efficiencies and increase occupant comfort. The solution brings powerful capabilities such as failure detection, multisite management and smart system alerts that reduce operating and maintenance cost and increase facility uptime. This architecture ensures a scalable, easy to deploy and easy to use solution that offers interoperability to help customers future-proof their facility and stay current with changing energy standards, and regulations.

Daintree Networks’ ControlScope® is an open standards-driven wireless network solution for building control, operations, and E-IoT™. The solution consists of three layers – ‘Wireless Area Controller with Advanced Wireless Mesh Networking’ to provide local connectivity, sensing and control, ‘Software’ for easy commissioning, centralized management and data analytics, and ‘End Devices’ including sensors and adapters.

Daintree Network’s innovative wireless control solution includes lighting, thermostat, plug load, general purpose control and environmental monitoring, and various other energy and non-energy devices, along with data analytics for actionable decision support information to achieve up to 70% energy savings, enhance significant operational efficiencies, facilitate better customer engagement, and increase productivity with occupant comfort.

In addition to its ControlScope offering, the company is helping to enable embedded wireless technology for LED lighting. Daintree Networks and its large ecosystem of partners—including LG Electronics, Deco Lighting and LG Innotek, with many more to be announced soon,—have collaborated to create LED lighting drivers with embedded wireless communication capability, where energy efficiencies following installation can climb to as high as 90 percent.

By leveraging the latest technology to provide its customers with cost-saving options, Daintree Networks launched an industry-first offering that merges cloud-based computing with building automation technology to enable comprehensive energy management that far surpasses simple lighting control. Daintree Networks’ Building Energy Management as a Service (BEMaaS™) approach makes its ControlScope software available as a cloud application instead of locally on a physical server.

Daintree Networks is the only company to offer an integrated solution for Lighting, HVAC, Plug-Load Controls and other energy and non-energy devices using open standards-based technology. Open standards allow platform independence and vendor-neutrality. Daintree Networks’ customers include Fortune 500 and other mid to large corporations facilities across North America—commercial offices, retail stores, industrial/warehouses, banks, and educational institutions.

Under the leadership of Derek Proudian, Daintree Networks will continue to be at the forefront of Enterprise Internet of Things and Building Controls and Automation market as these industries expand dramatically in the coming months, with its leading-edge innovation in open standards-driven wireless technology, and big data analytics.


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