Ways To Protect Kids From Dangerous Apps

Ways to Limit technology Use among Kids

Nowadays, kids spend most of their time using electronic devices. But, extreme use of technology can significantly affect your child’s health. Fortunately, there are many ways of limiting screen time on kids.

Here are ideas to try out:

1. Replace technology use with better alternatives

A significant percentage of kids suffer addiction to video games, which may result in underdeveloped social skills.Addiction to electronic devices and the internet can expose your child to many things. There are many sites and apps online with inappropriate content for your kids. The more your child uses their gadgets, the higher the chances of accessing such materials.

But, if your kid keeps on visiting the restricted sites, do away with the device to keep them safe. Try searching “sell my Samsung phone,” and you’ll get countless websites where you can trade that phone. Also, childhood social play is essential for kids; it plays a notable role in a child’s development. So set aside time each day and let your child play outdoors with friends.

2. Show interest in your kid’s activities

Most kids prefer to stay glued on TV or play games online than spend time with their family. And this is because most parents don’t show interest in their child’s life. There are many dangers of too much screen time. But, if you get involved in your child’s life, your child will be less likely to suffer from social or behavioral problems.


There are many strategies that you can employ when limiting screen time to check your child’s use of technology. Allow your child to play outside, set boundaries, and restrict your child from accessing specific sites. There are many apps, and kids can easily download them. So, watch what and limit what your kid does when online and enjoy the benefits of limiting screen time.

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